Microsoft says - 360 supply surge

Here’s the press release:

Basically, Microsoft says they’ll have 2 to 3 times the number of consoles hitting stores, beginning this week. Apparently because they ramped up at the first two plants and that 360s are finally coming out of the third plant, Celestica. (I bet that whatever component they had shortages on has had its situation sorted out)

So are they full of it? Obviously the week is young, so it’s not like I expect that magically today every store is going to be flush with tons of 360s. But for those of you still looking for one, let us know if the situation seems to get better as the week goes on, or if this is just a happy press release and there are still major shortages everywhere.

Reading that I said to my self “Man they can go fuck them selves”. It doesnt change the fact that I still want one but whatever I’ll let you all know if I find one!

I was just posting in the other thread about how has had pretty constant stock for the past week.

Whoa, whoa.

You guys are missing the best thing here. From the press release:

In addition, new titles are coming to Xbox Live Arcade all the time, including “Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting,” “Uno” and the free full version of “Texas Hold 'Em Poker” by Riverbelle.


Uno motherfucker!

What the hell is that even supposed to mean?

Yes but will it let me play the Crazy Mormon Uno variation.

I thought this thread was about some new Microsoft energy drink.

I DID miss the Uno thing, but you know, that actually sounds like a great card game for Live Arcade. I’m not into the card games online (I prefer my Spades and Euchre in person and with beer), but Uno is popular, fairly fun, and a good fit for four people with voice chat.

Or Hot Death Uno.

I’m a crazy Mormon, what is this variation you speak of?

I’m in the same boat. Is it the one where you play with more than 4 people because Mormons have bigger families?

FWIW, I’ve heard from multiple stores here in Seattle this week that they all plan on having far more 360’s (premiums, it was said) starting the first week of April.

And the guy at Fred Meier said he was expecting a rather large shipment later this week, but I consider that a little more dubious and wasn’t confirmed by a 2nd source.

Regardless, I have seen strong enough evidence to convince me that a relative tidal wave of 360’s approacheth.

The Mormon part comes from the 2 guys that showed the game to a friend of mine one day when they came by his house. Its just regular Uno except you can play out of turn if you have the same card as what was just put down. It gets more fun of course with the skips, reverses, draw two’s and Fours(we’ve gotten to having to draw 20 cards so far). Oh and you start off by having each person grab cards from the top of the deck without counting. As long as you get 7+ your ok. If you draw less then you have to get 15 cards.

Alcohol can be a positive or a negative when mixed with this game depending on your point of view.

Is the Alcohol related to the mormon version? Now I’m confused.

There is a good Mormon joke I know though.

How many Mormons does it take to drink a 6 pack?

One because if more than one are around a Mormon won’t drink.

Heh, I’ve heard the same joke with pot.

OK Just an FYI it looks like the core system is a bit easier to find now… but HD’s are not.

I was talking with the gamestop manager yesterday and he said,

“We have 2 core systems in stock”

“Do you have the Hard drive?”

“Nope and really the HD is what helps set it apart.”

“When do you think you will be getting some core systems in stock?”

“Well now that MS annouced a supply surge rather then us getting 3 systems a month we might actually get 3 systems a week!”


Best Buy supposedly had the Premium’s for sale online last night (a guy I know ordered one), but they’re already sold out according to the website.

Futureshop has had the good xbox 360s for sale online. They are out right now, but they’ve been out twice in the past week and they keep restocking relatively quickly. Dunno if you americans can order from, but if you don’t have another option it might be worth looking in to.

Yeah, I was able to order a premium from a couple of day ago, (saw a post on but had to pay an extra $15 for shipping and have to wait a week for delivery.

Still the best of all my options though, which otherwise consists of not having a 360 at all…

I was in walmart the other day, bought oblivion (yes, I purchased a single player only game) and they had at least 30 hard drives just sitting there, and it’s not a particularly big walmart or a 24 hour one.