Microsoft sells Salt Lake Games Division to Take Two

Salt Lake Games use to be known as Access Software. Known for Adventure games and Links, the developer was bought years ago by microsoft and has been churning out less that amazing sports titles. The past year Microsoft laid of about half the company. Arron Conners mentioned that He and Chris Jones have left Microsoft and the bought Tex murphy rights from Microsoft. The game they are working on at the moment was significantly in development went they arrived at the company but their next game will probably be Tex Murphy. Some of the Unofficial Tex Murphy forum members figured they are working for Telltale based on a hint of TT for initals but it appears Tex Murphy is at Take Two. A long time ago Arron Conners mentioned they would like to see a Tex Murphy GTA game. hmmmmm…

As a big fan of the Tex games, I’d really like to see another - however it’s worth noting that most previous attempts have ended rather abruptly (the Radio Theatre on a cliffhanger, the animated Flash series never got off the ground, and talk of an episodic online game has been going on for aeons.

Well game developing in your spare time (and as we know, game developers don’t have a lot of free time) is really difficult.

Pandora Directive is one of the best adventure games ever.

Not in doubt - just that I’m hanging on until I see something substantial before getting excited about the prospect.

And Pandora is excellent. Great sense of humour, and one of the few interactive movie type games worth playing.

Actually, a GTA-like Tex Murphy game could be a great idea, with the potential, at least, to restore some of the sweep and elegant pacing of the original Mean Streets (which is still my favorite).


Yeah, the flight simulator on autopilot ;-)

I think it’d be good, but what I’d love from the series is a more active environment in general - like sneaking and trailing people for clues, or overhearing conversations and being more of a detective than MacGuyver (some of the object jigsaws did get a little ridiculous at times…)

One must wonder if the patented Microsoft Free Soda Coolers at the Salt Lake City office were filled entirely with caffeine-free beverages.

Whats going to happen to Links, Amped, Top Spin, and the likes?

I think Amped was already dead as was Top Spin. I’m sure Links will find it’s way back in some form though.


I hope so. Online golf games are rather fun, and Links was one of the first online.