Microsoft stop taking drugs! (OSTD early buyers face action)

Seriously Microsoft: Lay off the drugs!

Microsoft has warned that action will be taken against those who buy Halo 3: ODST early.
The comments come after a French retailer sold the game to customers a whopping month before official release.

Perhaps the article is a bit sensationalist. The MS quote is

We are also investigating Xbox Live accounts that show activity related to Halo 3: ODST and will take action against those we believe have procured copies of the game illegitimately.

and it all depends on what’s the meaning of “procured illegitimately”; walking into a games store and laying down €70 for a box with Halo in the title can hardly be called illegitimate.

And if they try it, Neelie Kroes will probably tear them another $1BN arsehole.

Well people are arguing that the 2nd quote is meant for people that will download and play the illegal copy that will come out soon
(as usual when something is retailing early) due to “we are ALSO”

I edited my original post that had the 2nd quote since it’s not clear if MS means everyone incl. the buyers or only the people that download a copy and hop online.

Still ANY action is aimed at the wrong direction.
They should rather rip that French retailer that broke street date a new one.
Actually they should also rip themselves a new one since they seem to have shipped the finished game ONE MONTH before release day to retailers! I mean some employee will get a copy eventually out of stock and that might end up in release groups’ hands…

Are they going to ban the players who load up the game early on Xbox Live until the year 9999 like they did with those users who tried to play a leaked Halo 3 a few years back?

They didn’t wind up actually banning any Halo 3 players for that; they either backtracked on that or clarified that early players wouldn’t be banned, depending on whose original source you go by. Looks like there’s a similar clarification out for ODST now.

How is action aimed at people using illegally DLed and burnt copies of the game in the wrong direction?

To the xbox, and therefore to Live, a copy made off a properly prepared and burned image is indistinguishable from an original. Slippery slope.

There’s something that’s distinguishable, as among the ripping groups, there are always precise instructions about making sure you use version X of tool A, don’t use tool Y anymore, make sure the Q flag is set, etc., or you could be detected and banned. A lot of people complain about being banned, and then find out that oh, they shouldn’t have done [some minor detail]…