Microsoft Threadcast

Join the threadcasting revolution! Airing in just over an hour. In tape delay! Just because.

Is there a site carrying it? I don’t think Gspot has that one.

I’m not really sure what they could announce that would be as interesting as either of the other two companies did.


I don’t know what porn site you are visiting, but GameSpot appears to be airing it.

The fine text on the second hour does mention something about a tape delay. I hope that it just for people late to the party.

One thing that is pretty nice is all of the downloadable E3 content on the 360 right now.

We’ll be here for that one as well. If Allard lays down on the stage again I may vomit in rage.

From what Gspot is saying, they will.

You know, I was chatting with some colleagues at lunch, and we were thinking that at this point, it probably wouldn’t be too surprising to see MS unveil a gyro controller at E3.

I was thinking that they could announce some games. Hopefully, games that are much farther along than anything that Sony or Nintendo had. A little Halo 3 video never hurt anyone.

I agree. There isn’t any ground breaking going on here but I’ll be incredibly surprised if most of my gaming dollars don’t go to MS this holiday season. Time for them to justify that claim.


“Yeah, well, um, we don’t really have, uh, anything that, uh (reflattens some peeling duct tape), that uses it yet, but, uh, you can just imagine, right? Uh… (waves controller up and down a bit)”

At least no one will be bored listening to brilliant non-native-English-speakers this time around.

According to the site, GS will be tape delaying the MS press conference for non-subscribers by 1.5 hours. Bleh.

I demand an alternate source!

Hell, even for subscribers it isn’t a live feed. WTF Microsoft?

I don’t think MS are allowing live broadcast of their conf, everyone’s doing it tape delayed?

Actually, I thought the DS guy was the boringest, and he was speaking English.

Uh, crap. It’s already started and no video. Was GameSpot being deliberately confusing?

Does this have anything to do with it.

Perhaps someone negotiated for exclusive / first look access?

Text updates, at least.