Microsoft Threadcast

More of this pet-peeve bullshit? (As in: it’s my pet-peeve.)

Sony had the crummy conference, Nintendo had the cool conference. I’m preemptively calling Microsoft the embargoed boring conference.

Hoping it’ll be like last year’s: the laughably bad conference.

Sony: "Our console is so hot, you can’t afford it!"

MS: "Oh yeah? Well, our console is so hot, you can’t even see it!"

Eurogamer has a better live text feed. The Gamespot ones are updating too slowly for me.

Uhhh… Lumines Live on XBLA? CONTRA?

Hot damn, seriously? There goes the last lingering reason I would ever even consider a PSP!

Gamespot is still delayed. What’s this about a Madden exclusive? Eurogamer must have translated that wrong.

Forza 2, with over 300 cars and 12 players online. If only my DFP wheel would work with it… :(

Gamespot loses.

They had me at 2.

How about a wireless wheel for that 2, with force feedback?

All the trailers are up on live FYI. Including Forza 2 and Halo 3 announce.

Downloading Halo3 trailer now. Forza 2 and Shadowrun to follow.

Grand Theft Auto IV in…October 2007? Seems fairly far off to be pimping it this early.

OK, did I just read Engadget/Joystiq’s threadcast properly?!

“Grand Theft Auto IV tattoo! October 16, 2007 in North America, October 19 in Europe”?

Whoa. That’s a coup, even just keeping it from being a PS3 exclusive is a coup, I dunno if it’s a 360 exclusive or not…

Yes, apparently GTA4 is either getting a simultaneous release on 360 or getting released on 360 first. Yowch.

GTA4 xbox360 haha, bye bye sony

GTA4 as an x360 exclusive changes the console landscape a lot.

Considering PS3 isn’t released until Novemeber it’s a safe bet 360 is first. Unless the decide to do a PS2 version.