Microsoft to buy Epic

GamePro making shit up again, as with their Gears 2 “feature”

It would be really interesting to see what happened if this were true, especially if the aqusition involved the Unreal Engine. Would they keep it multiplatform (PS3)? Would they be forced to by existing Epic contracts? If not, would they dare kill the PS3 version and risk pissing off all the 3rd parties who license UE to use primarily as their cross-platform game making platform?

Yeah, this is one of the more ridiculous rumors I’ve seen recently. I guess it got Gamepro in the news, though, so that’s a win for them.

Does the deal include Lionhead?

The Rein weighs in.

I have not seen the actual GamePro article but if they’re going to make predictions about us selling Epic we would prefer if they started at $2 billion," he said. "Because we don’t want anyone thinking that we’re cheap.


It’d be a better buy than shit-ass everything-but-flickr-is-shit-yahoo for 40 bazillion or whateverthefuck.

I’d think Epic would sell for $1 billion.

LOL. It’s not like Epic’s parking lot isn’t already unreal. (Get it? Get it?)

Though a hilarious tidbit is that there’s an apartment complex going up across the street from their offices. Imagine all those bored teenagers but 100 feet from a parking lot full of exotic sports cars.

Are you disagreeing?

Man I wouldn’t mind this because maybe they’d move the hell out of North Carolina and then I’d want to get a job there.

People actually give weight to anything Gamepro says?