Microsoft VP: Longhorn not until 2006, maybe 2007

In an interview with “Computerworld,” Microsoft Senior Vice President Bob Muglia revealed that the next major version of Windows (code-named Longhorn) won’t ship until 2006 at the earliest, confirming the opinions of analysts and others familiar with the company’s problem of shipping products on schedule. “2006 is the earliest time frame we’re looking at [for Longhorn],” Muglia said, suggesting that perhaps 2007 is a more accurate date. “[The client and server versions of Longhorn] will ship at different times. Clients need slightly less bake time than servers do.” He also presented an interesting summary of the features Microsoft plans for Longhorn. “There are three major pillars for Longhorn. One is the new user interface pieces in the Avalon UI, the graphical UI. Another is WinFS. And the third is the Web services infrastructure in Indigo.”

Now, I’m not a fan of the yearly upgrade cycle MS forced on us a few years ago. (Windows 98/Windows 98SE/Windows ME/Windows 2000/Windows XP), but six years between major OS upgrades is ridiculous. Expecations for Longhorn will only go through the roof, and the XP platform will remain relatively stagnant for years. It’s a solid platform, no doubt, but come on MS…

Hooray for Windows XP. Its great, it does everything, its solid, now please, for the love of god, lets not have Microsoft make Windows ME+5.

What problem are they trying to solve? I have XP and don’t feel the need for an upgrade at all.

You followed up your own question with the answer.

:lol: Zing!

Hey, at least the ship date isn’t “When it’s done.”
Oh wait. That last shoulda gone in the Games forum. Sorry.

Pfft. 2k is better than XP any day. That’s why I’m fearful of Longhorn… I won’t “upgrade” until I absolutely have to, but who knows what kind of crap it will be by then?

The longer it’s delayed, the better. They can wait until 2010 for all I care.

Longhorn, the OS that takes up 5GB of disk space… gimme a break! Unfortunately, I’ll have to buy one (1) copy for work. (Once it starts breaking and the virus kiddies start taking it apart… I get to fix it!)

Maybe that’s the reason for the delay, they’re banking on hard drives being bigger by then :)

5 GB of disk space isn’t that much even today. Some games are 2 and 3 GB. In 2006 (or 07), it’ll be peanuts.

UT2k4 has about a 5GB footprint as is.

Having an OS of that magnitude doesn’t sound at all surprising.

I have about a half-terabyte of storage. 5GB is nothing.

Longhorn sounds very cool, but I’m content with XP for now.

I used to like XP until the interminable security patches annihilated its performance. And then installing Sun’s Jave VM eternally messed up IE so that whenever I exit the program, I get an access violationg (even though I have long since uninstalled the thing).

The point here is that yet again, it seems the only way to really fix my problems would be to reinstall the OS, so what’s the big improvement of 2K?

And product activation? Gag me. What a depressing meme.

I’ve basically given up using my PC for anything but games and browsing. Everything else that matters I do in Linux. Yeah, the UI is lacking, but I don’t have to reinstall all the time. One of these days I’ll buy a Mac and then I’ll have a decent UI as well…

To be fair, Microsoft has to maintain a formidable level of backwards compatibility or everyone will scream. That makes it hard to make the system stable – you can’t just eliminate the registry, even if it is awful.

I have an intellectual interest in Longhorn, but no great hope – writing lots of new code is not usually a good way to produce secure, bug-free software. Hopefully it comes out right after I buy a PC, so that I can go a generation or so until they’ve patched it.

If you think Longhorn will be big just wait until you see Service Pack 2 for Windows XP! Last I heard it’s going to be around 250 MB… they’ve recompiled the entire system. Better hope you have a fast Internet connection or an MSDN subscription!

Also, it’s not like there isn’t going to be another Windows release prior to Longhorn. Don’t they have a 64-bit version of XP in the works?

For what it’s worth, the new WinFS file system is supposed to kick ass.


I don’t issue drool when I hear about filesystems.

They haven’t yet taken over everything. Please let them do their work,they merely want your soul.

Typically, MS just takes all the good ideas from 3rd party utility developers and integrates them into their next OS.

What problem are they trying to solve?

A slowing revenue stream? ;)