Microsoft VP: Longhorn not until 2006, maybe 2007

They’ve let out a release candidate preview of SP2, which is quite nice. It’ll at least provide an illusion of security, because they’ve forced it to interact with the user – urging the user to install anti-virus software and firewall software (or running MS’ Firewall). The MS firewall even seems to be a lot more robust, allowing you to make no port exceptions or a seemingly limitless number of port exceptions (unlike the original 10 or so port entries). Very nice stuff.

I’m also fairly certain they’ll be distributing free (not including shipping) Service Pack 2 CDs, as they did with critical updates a couple of months ago

Yeah, Microsoft always ships service packs and SDKs on CD for just shipping costs, and sometimes a little extra. But how many people would ever bother to go to the MS website and order such a CD?

I don’t know exact numbers, but probably more than there would have had news sites not picked up on the announcement.

Would you rather they send people a NET SEND message telling them about it? :)