Microsoft's E3 presentation brought to you by the power of the cloud

Title Microsoft's E3 presentation brought to you by the power of the cloud
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When June 10, 2013

Microsoft's E3 kickoff presentation aired live today and it was filled with hyperbole, buzzwords, and CG trailers..

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Do you think $499 is too much? I'm sure it has "X" really expensive technology inside it, and took "X" effort to construct and manufacture, but that's kind of Microsoft's problem. I'd set my digestible new console limit at $399. And what about people in Europe / the UK? They get shafted with the 499 Euros / 429 pounds price point, despite their currency being worth a good deal more the last time I checked.

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only grim and determined faces.

Amazon has preorders for xbox one games at 99.99. What is up with that?

Hopefully it's just a placeholder value until actual release dates are known/the "standard" price for next-gen games is set.

Not impressed. Ridiculous price. So in other words, I'm very satisfied.

Oh, and Titanfall isn't exclusive. It's 360 and more importantly PC too.

Yup, plus the hidden xbox live cost.

$499 is to be expected. The people saying it would be less frankly did not know what they were talking about. Sorry, Pachter.

Forza 5 makes this a must-buy for me, particularly with the new "drivatar" feature. That's a pretty cool use of the cloud.

I just want everyone to acknowledge me as a prophet when you are asked to show Kinect that you have a Doritos bag and a Mountain Dew can in your hands to unlock some kind of Halo gewgaw or achievement, rewarding you for buying toxic, over-processed frankenfood.

I think I need to just build a new PC instead.

It's more than I would have been willing to pay for any brand new console that will have maybe one worthwhile game at launch if we're really lucky. It's $500 more than I am prepared to pay for the Xbox One at this point.

Just think of all the wonderful games I can buy during the holiday Steam and/or GoG sale for $500... or perhaps just keep trying to beat Angband.

But didn't they already do that, just less efficiently without the Kinect?

Am I the only one that thinks that Ryse looks fucking terrible?

I'm worried my Drivatard will be out there making me look bad with my weak sauce driving skills.

It's a terrifying thought, but considering in the late 80's early 90's games would cost $75 new. In today's money that's like eleventy billion dollars.

I was sure they would have learned from the PS3 pricing debacle though. It didn't really start selling well until there was a $400 price point. I just think that that extra hundo makes it a tough pill to swallow for people in general.

Plus all the restrictions on it make it so fucking complicated to do anything with it. Personally if I spend that kind of money on something, I'd better be able to use it how ever the fuck I want. If i buy something I like to feel like I own it, and with the system they set up I feel like I would be paying to put their box that is just a content delivery system into my house. Almost like a video game version of a cable box.

The tech in it isn't all that expensive. They specifically went for components that would be easy to manufacture in large quantities. It would have been pretty cutting edge like 2 years ago. Also much of their TV integration tech solutions are surprisingly low rent.