Microsoft's Recall

I assure you if recall security was enforced via hypervisor Microsoft would have said something. Would have been a great response to the criticism.

I look forward to this feature being implemented securely, because it would be immediately useful. But the security needs to withstand serious scrutiny before I’d turn it on. I need it to be secure against someone with remote admin access to my computer. That’s a high standard.

Imagine how a managed domain might work with recall. With this chain of evidence as its corpus an AI could easily succinctly and accurately sum up and report on exactly what you do all day, with screenshots for your boss to reference. Sure you purposefully avoid anything personal on your work computer, but let he with perfect opsec toss the first stone. And even barring that, it’s a dystopic privacy nightmare.

I’m wondering if it is possible to make these PCs HIPAA compliant? This was a question with regular co-pilot, but Recall is something different altogether.

It will feed our worst impulses, just like all these engagement algorithms do. Have a gaming or porn addiction? Windows Recall will helpfully suggest Steam and Pornhub every time you boot up!

That’s fine. My computer suggesting what I want to do anyway sounds great.

Browse protondb to get a general idea. Honestly, it’s mostly great thanks to the work Valve has put into WINE/proton. But even then you’ll still run into a random game that requires a bunch of tweaking to get running or even one that won’t run at all.

Will do. I used Linux a ton for research and academic work up until about 7 years ago, but never really tried it as a home OS because so much of my home computer use is gaming. I’m not kidding when I say it may be time to reconsider that, between the “AI” crap and invasive BS like Recall the message really seems to be that I need to get off of Windows sooner rather than later.

Not quite yet, no. Nvidia support is poor.

high-level executives hey, AI tools for code seems good. Our environment package has introduced AI features that mean that it would automatically adjust for any UI changes to the systems we automate on without code changes. Isn’t that great?

Me, who is the PM for said automations and responsible for ensuring our software does exactly what it says and doesn’t create garbage data: has a siezure and twitches uncontrollably on the floor

I’m a bit of a control freak for certain things, but since I have ultimate responsibility for what data our automations put into production systems this is a good thing

They can implement AI tools into our production environments over my dead body. The last thing we need is for it to ‘hallucinate’ a price change.

Surprisingly great. If you want the absolute balls to the wall performance and RT features you will miss out a bit using Linux (although often it is quite unnoticeable), and multiplayer games that use Easy Anti Cheat are mostly a wreck, but it’s shocking how easily you can game on Linux.

My 2nd PC connected to the TV in the basement has an Nvidia 4070 Ti and a recent Ryzen 7000 series CPU. I use Bazzite Linux (based on Fedora) which is geared for gaming, and comes pre-baked with Nvidia driver support. I was playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and Ghosts of Tsushima’s recent PC port on it over the past week. They look and play awesome. Literally just involved ticking a couple of boxes in the Linux Steam client and most games auto-magically just work.

The hackers don’t even need to install a key logger anymore, it’s built right in.

Wasn’t there a recent startup boutique’s app for Mac that did the same thing called Ray-something that was also criticized a creepy?

The fact this was designed with practically no thought of security from day zero and it now has to be ‘bolted on’ speaks absolute volumes as to Microsoft’s complete disregard for their general consumers.

I don’t even believe security could be adequately implemented at this stage, without a re-write - whatever they do will be wrapped around the core and as also mentioned above, they lack required isolation or HW security resources to do it properly, it will just be a cludge of security fixes that will likely be easy to bypass or compromise.

This is a serious, fuck up. I’d add mind-boggling to that, but it’s obvious all the execs just have $$$$ in their eyes.

As a former MS employee with over a decade and a half with the company, I find this hilarious and predictable.

As someone who still holds a significant-for-me amount of Microsoft stock, I’m really pissed at the slipshod way this was developed and handled.

Oh, the tales of being in the trenches when the Xbox One was announced….

I don’t want any of this AI garbage even near my PC. Go away and leave me alone. It is so exhausting. I have yet to see an AI implementation that actually is super helpful for me without relying on heaps of scraped/stolen data. I wouldn’t want any tech to log everything I do because it is only a question of time before this is misused. Just wait till law enforcement gets a back door. No thanks.

I can only imagine!

I am in a situation this very moment where I’m desperately trying to recall something I read earlier today but cannot find where I read it, despite going through the web browser history on 2 machines and trying to redo my steps. So this would seem to be a feature I would use.

You’ve just made a Microsoft engineer very happy.

Now off by default and requires biometric security (Windows Hello face recognition) to view Recall data.

And more Recall changes…