Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2

You know, the sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. It’s official now. Late August release.

I enjoyed the first, even if the 2nd area was really repetitive with just more green.

I could never get into this like I wanted, mostly because I really hate quick time events and as such I’m kind of terrible at this combat style (Batman games are no exception, though I wish I could enjoy them more). I wonder if I shouldn’t give this a shot again, or at this point maybe just wait and see what folks think of the new one.

I felt like I was taking crazy pills when it came to the first game. I really did not like it. The combat just felt so bad to me, and the land felt so compressed. Everyone else seemed to love it and I could never get into it.

Thoroughly enjoyed the first one. Hopefully improved pipelines and processes will let them make some more interesting/varied content for the second. I can dig it!

I liked the nemesis system, still wondering why not more open world games adapted it. Looking at you Wildlands! I hope they made it even better.

I was with you. I didn’t mind the system itself, but there just wasn’t enough variety. It felt like I was fighting the same enemies over and over.

For me I enjoyed the combat enough that the lack of variety didn’t kill it for me. Executing stuff well and building combos and such just felt good.

I was personally much more mixed. I like the nemesis system, had quibbles with the narrative and theming being at odds with Tolkien’s world, and found the combat decent, but not Arkham quality.

But was a fun romp, and a solid mid range game for me. Not something I’ll jump at the sequel for, but would probably pick up on discount in a year or so after release.

It seemed way more difficult than an Arkham game to me, I can still actually do those. Weird.

I liked the combat. Not quite as much as Batman, but it was pretty close, at least once it opened up about halfway through. The nemesis system was cool, if ultimately a bit shallow. But the world-building stuff was pretty abysmal. The maps were so bland and annoying to navigate if you didn’t fast travel, and the story was bleh. If they’ve fixed that for the sequel, and maybe fleshed out the nemesis system some more, I’m in. Otherwise probably not.

We have a new contender for worst thread title ever.

I dunno, I can’t give it more than .72 All Good Demons.

All Good Demons is the greatest thing about Qt3 and about 40% of the reason I stick around.

Twitter suggested this game should be called Second Degree Mordor, so that’s the official name now in my head canon.

Play Anywhere appears to be restricted to the second tier edition and above.

Loved the first game and I believe it’s still the only game I’ve ever played to 100% completion. All in on this one.

This is at least 1.2 All Good Demons, because the thread title for All Good Demons actually includes the game title. Whereas this thread title does not.

It’s not my fault they gave it the most boring and easy-to-confuse-with-the-original title imaginable.

This is better. Anytime we want talk about it we just need to remember the thread is called Earth Shadow!

This is a Play Anywhere title.