Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2


He’s in Silicon Valley on HBO. I think both he and Conan agree with you on the voice over.


Wow that voice over was like the minimal effort.


Did you even watch? He explained pretty clearly that:

  1. They asked him to use his own voice, and
  2. He wasn’t real thrilled with the outcome.

And how do y’all not know who Kumail Nanjiani is? Hell, he just hosted SNL. His movie, The Big Sick, is one of the most-praised films of 2017. And yes, he’s on Silicon Valley, but he’s also been doing comedy for years and been in…everything.

And he’s got authentic geek cred. His old podcast, The Indoor Kids, was pretty terrific and gaming centric.


I miss The Indoor Kids.


Oh good. ‘It could be worse’ is one of our game-purchasing criteria now.


If the voice of Dugz the Agonizer is the biggest problem in this game, that’ll be something magnficent.

(I think you guys are complaining about chipped paint on the deck railings of the Titanic at this point.)


It’s not a “could be worse” situation. It’s a “games have always had stuff like this to extend play time and people are singling out this game to tear down for any and every reason they can think of” despite the dozens of reviews from people who think it’s pretty great and that the loot boxes are not detrimental at all.


Better free up some space on the SSD.

Shadow of War PC file size is 97.7 GB and ~70 GB on consoles


I don’t know who Kumail Nanjiani is, until I imdb him after playing ME:A.

And honestly, I’ve never heard of the shows, movies or podcasts he appeared in.


You’re missing out on some good stuff then.


This ended up being an error. The real size is 65GB on PC.


Does the main character have super powers? How does he kill all those orcs and goblins?


No super powers, just very skilled with sword and bow.


The Ranger got at least one superpower. He cannot die (until that wraith releases him). It is all fan fic territory anyway…


If anyone is thinking of pre-ordering, GMG has all editions at 25% off, and an additional 15% off the regular and silver editions.


Never seen such an aggressive pre-order discount from them before.


Damn, I only got 37 or 38% when I pre-ordered a few days ago. I want my 2/3% damnit!!!

I’m hoping for something similar for Battlefront 2. The boy wants that one real bad.


I played it at NYCC today. I’m confident I will enjoy it as much as I have Mordor. Mordor has grown on me a lot in last few weeks, so we will see.


In the first one you survive and kill lots of enemies by using a lot of supernatural powers. They pretty clearly attribute them to the ancient elf spirit possessing you, the animations even show that for many of them.


I picked this on up after dabbling with the first one and enjoying the nemesis system a fair bit. Nemesis 2.0 sounds super fun. I got to play a bit last night and enjoyed it, but found the “tutorial” a bit lacking in the pop up timing and description. I didn’t play enough of Shadow of Mordor, so I don’t know the basics and they assume a lot.

Can anyone tell me what the (on PS4) what the X with a red starburst means? Is this a prompt to push X, or is it an attack telegraph and I need to dodge in some way?


He has the most powerful of superpowers: the ability to make his enemies indifferent.

20 v 1? 18 of us will stand around doing nothing at all. Every 20 seconds one of us MIGHT decide to try to attack the one guy. Maybe. Probably not.