Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2


You’re missing out on some good stuff then.


This ended up being an error. The real size is 65GB on PC.


Does the main character have super powers? How does he kill all those orcs and goblins?


No super powers, just very skilled with sword and bow.


The Ranger got at least one superpower. He cannot die (until that wraith releases him). It is all fan fic territory anyway…


If anyone is thinking of pre-ordering, GMG has all editions at 25% off, and an additional 15% off the regular and silver editions.


Never seen such an aggressive pre-order discount from them before.


Damn, I only got 37 or 38% when I pre-ordered a few days ago. I want my 2/3% damnit!!!

I’m hoping for something similar for Battlefront 2. The boy wants that one real bad.


I played it at NYCC today. I’m confident I will enjoy it as much as I have Mordor. Mordor has grown on me a lot in last few weeks, so we will see.


In the first one you survive and kill lots of enemies by using a lot of supernatural powers. They pretty clearly attribute them to the ancient elf spirit possessing you, the animations even show that for many of them.


I picked this on up after dabbling with the first one and enjoying the nemesis system a fair bit. Nemesis 2.0 sounds super fun. I got to play a bit last night and enjoyed it, but found the “tutorial” a bit lacking in the pop up timing and description. I didn’t play enough of Shadow of Mordor, so I don’t know the basics and they assume a lot.

Can anyone tell me what the (on PS4) what the X with a red starburst means? Is this a prompt to push X, or is it an attack telegraph and I need to dodge in some way?


He has the most powerful of superpowers: the ability to make his enemies indifferent.

20 v 1? 18 of us will stand around doing nothing at all. Every 20 seconds one of us MIGHT decide to try to attack the one guy. Maybe. Probably not.


I don’t know why this matters much to me in a game like this, but I’m trying to avoid spoilers. But I heard that the stealth-play in this game is pretty bare-bones/non-existent compared to the first one. How true is this? Is it mostly just running around in plain view and face-to-face action now?


What struck me as weird is that right out of the game, I got a loot crate that gave me a bunch of orc allies. Huh? Orc allies? What team am I on again?



I don’t know why I kidded myself about possibly waiting for a sale on this. The first game (which I got during some pennies-on-the-dollar sale) provided the best gaming experiences on my Xbox One thus far. Installing Standard Edition now.


“Oh no, I was wrong.
I was a dark lord all along.
I guess you finally made an Uruk,
Oh yes you finally made an Uruk,
You finally made and Uruk out of me!”


Dunno what they did, some subtle art or graphical effect changed, but the orcs look lame now. They look like muppets. All happy, blended, smooth, and colorful. Really fucks up the mood/ambiance compared to the original. Not a fan of the setting either, not as dire as the pits.

Gameplay is extactly what I want, but I just feel like I’m interacting with pixar creatures.


The game is mildly buggy.

Putting stealth mode on toggle is a hugely bad idea as you will get stuck in stealth when in combat sometimes.,

I just finished sneaking through a mission undetected so that i could drop down from a building and kill a boss. I ended up bringing him to zero (i was then to interrogate him) and then i got stuck in a wall, unable to move.

I’ve been playing nemesis and it is mostly pretty fun, but it can be frustrating at times when i get instantly killed and have to redo a large portion of a mission.

Note that even running in to problems or insta dying to something, the checkpoints are generally pretty good so i don’t have to replay A TON.

There also NEEDS to be a way to skip nemesis intros. Some of these can go on for a very long time and you can encounter multiple at the same time leading to a VERY long cutscene.

Overall, i like the game, but like the first one, it is REALLY grindy, so go in to it knowing that.


I’m only an hour in, but so far I vastly prefer the setting to the original, which was just dreary and dull, at least in the first zone.


I’ve progressed further. The game sucks. Wasted $60. Regret this purchase. It’s like a beta test of Mordor’s finished product.


Just found a mission that seems impossible to get one of the bonus objectives.

You need to kill 15 orcs with explosions, by exploding barrels, but there are very few barrels in the area and the orcs don’t move at all because they are attacking something else, so you can’t lead them to the barrels.