Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2


They will follow you if they are chasing you…


This was the faelas mission where you need to kill more orcs than some drakes attacking them. Bonus objectives being to kill a drake and to kill 15 orcs with explosions.

The orcs don’t chase you because they are chasing the drakes.

The trick i found is to immediately explode everything in the map and do detonate on the fire pit. If this doesn’t bring you to 15, restart. There is a decent chance that if you can explode them all without a drake stealing one, you will get it, but you still might not. If a drake explodes one with their AOE breath, you just lost.

The drake killing is actually harder than i thought because dismount & kill is super buggy. more often than not, mounting a drake that i had shadow mounted did not allow me to hold RB to kill/dismount. It just dismounted me with the drake still alive. I’m not sure whether this is intentional because of something i did or a bug.

Then to kill the orcs i found backstabbing to be ideal. The drakes do rip through them, but the orcs are mostly distracted so with backstab and the talent that lets you multi backstab, you can kill them really fast.


Adaptable is kind of bullshit when fighting enemies with metal shields. They don’t appear breakable, so the enemy is basically immune to damage from the front unless you stun them. However, the tougher enemies will adapt to stun, vault over them, execution, stealth, etc before they die often times. This leaves you with a fight that grinds on forever simply because the enemy takes very little damage from anything.


I was so excited about this game when I saw the first few gameplay videos last year.

After reading the reviews here and the 3.1 user rating on Metacritic I am no longer purchasing this game.

Thank you Q23 for the feedback! I have been burned by too many day 1 releases that don’t meet the marketing hype ( cough No Man’s Land cough)


Seems like most of the bad user reviews are about the presence of loot boxes that are purchasable. People don’t seem to like having that option available in a single player game that they have bought. Seems reasonable, but I also see reviews that say there’s no need to buy those loot boxes and that the game is likely more fun without purchasing them. The bad reviews all seem to give the game a score of 0, which skews the average a fair bit, and I doubt the actual gameplay deserves a 0. So I guess my question is how much fun is the game without the loot boxes, as I’m unlikely to buy them anyway.

And I should also say that I don’t mind fortnite’s system of paying for the game (for early access, with the idea that it will be free to play eventually) and still being able to buy vbucks if you want. I’m enjoying the heck out of fortnite without spending money on extra vbucks, but I don’t mind that some people have spent small fortunes and are way ahead of me.


That was a very elaborate Simpsons reference. I applaud you.


Hmmm, seems this twitch streamer says the loot crates are a good addition.


Did any of you guys buy any pizza rolls?


No Pizza Rolls for me, but I am loving the game. Same open world mayhem generation from the first just with lots more places and lots more options.


The game shits too much on established lore so I’ll have to pass. I played the first game and it was terrible fanfic nonsense but nothing as remotely as bad as the Shelob thing.

Also I never liked the overdone open world model of Assassin’s Creed (with mission revealing towers and mission start icons and mini-game challenges, and everything. Fuck that noise)


I’m like 5 hours into it and I’m still not doing the ‘building armies’ stuff. It’s a fun game, but I’m getting increasingly annoyed by little things. The story and characters are, of course, awful. Talion annoyed me in the first game, and now I basically despise him.

The orc’s monologues are less original/charming this time around, and I mostly wish I could skip them. I don’t necessarily see myself playing anymore after my first session.


The orc monologues got pretty masturbatory. Two pages of text? Really? Man, we just need one-liners for these encounters.


Have you been beelining through the story or doing side stuff? I’m about the same distance in, maybe 4 hours, but deliberately doing only story missions, and have just got to the building army stage.


Reports on nGAF are saying you have to rebuild your army from scratch 5 times throughout the game as you progress and move to new areas.


I like it personally, even if the canon police riot over it.

It really does expand on Shelob a ton, making her more than just “Some Random Giant Spider.” I’m at the start of act 2 now and i’ve ended up liking her character quite a bit so far.


It took me a long time to get to this stage as well. I was doing all of the little quests and points of interest though.

Also on Nemesis if that matters.



Gaming With Character is back after a year long hiatus , new youtube page also…

Best reviews ever! 8.69253 outta 10


+1 like for the Hemingway reference. Subscribed (well, I already was). Endorsed.


Shelob isn’t ‘random giant spider’ in the Tolkien lore. Her origin as the offspring of the Ungolliant is very thematically important, and does come through in her actions.

Now, granted, the depth of that only comes if you’ve read The Silmarillion. But I have, so the sexy shelob thing really ticks me off something fierce. Like I would actively hate the game for it. I was able to get past the lore problems of the first game, and enjoy it for what it was. But this is a bridge to far for me, especially when combined with the other issues.



I don’t know enough Tolkien lore to have any reaction to this game’s BabeShelob other than: “Huh…?”