Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2


Does this mean I need to be running windows 10 to play this? Is it time to finally upgrade?


That’s a fair point. Misusing a hyphen instead of an em-dash doesn’t quite compare to stream-of-consciousnessing a freaking ellipsis into the thread title, though. And the length…ye gods, the length.

Could be we’re arguing ribeye vs filet, though.


I think any thread title with a question mark automatically puts it on a higher tier of annoyance.

Regarding this game: impressions were mixed enough on the first game that I told myself I’d just wait till the inevitable sequel, under the assumption that they’d polish up the mechanics and world. Let’s see if that happens!


Like Resident Evil 7 and others, if you want the Play Anywhere functionality you need Windows 10, but the game will also be on Steam and support Windows 7




Damn. Why can’t there just be an edition that comes with the game and a cloth map of Mordor?



Seriously though, this game was amazing. Those of you who didn’t get it, I dunno what’s wrong with you. Maybe if you hated the Batman / Arkham style combat mechanics? But even then, it had fun tweaks to that formula and an excellent overarching narrative, along with an excellent setting.

I’m in!


I thought the first game was tremendously engaging. I can’t wait to see how they’ve iterated on that brilliant core loop. The trailer sets a pretty cool stage. I’ve always wanted to fight a Balrog!


I’m wondering how much longer that Batman Arkham style combat sticks around, that’s the single biggest reason I never got further in the original Shadow of Mordor game. It’s a shame, I really enjoyed stealth-ing around but I really dislike that particular style of combat for some reason (I think it’s because I never remember what the buttons do, especially if I put the game down for a bit).


The slightly goofy voiceover in the trailer just goes to show how masterful the intro to Fellowship is, relatively speaking. Why can’t videogames be less dorky?


In. Definitely.


I have to agree that this is a strong contender for worst thread title ever on Qt3, as it doesn’t include the game name and really isn’t even searchable for the game’s name. It’s completely useless and asinine.

That said, for sheer annoyance, All Good Demons remains #1 in my book because it stuck around on the first page for so many years!


Don’t you all forget Norabunga and “Excellent classic JRPG on Steam NOW, $16.99”!


Hah. FWIW I’m strictly amused by the terrible thread titles, not so much actually annoyed. Except for like its-it’s typos and such, those can burn in the abyss forever.


The first one was great, but I keep thinking the Middle Earth setting is holding it back. I’m a little disappointed they went with a sequel instead of a new IP with similar gameplay.

Middle Earth is such a low fantasy setting I’ve never liked it much for games.


I liked the original more than Arkham Asylum but I never finished either, though I did put more time into Mordor. The combat system was fine for both, but I think I preferred the open environments in Mordor (have had Arkham City for a few years but still haven’t played it), and enjoyed the Nemesis system.


I’m so happy that there’s a sequel and this thread was revived. I never finished Shadows of Mordor.

Loved the combat, but got a little bogged down about halfway through, and let it sit for over a year. I hopped back in this weekend, and man I think I like it even more than I did previously. Once you can start branding Orks, and develop your secret armies in your approach to missions, the game really opens up. Now I can’t wait to get this dumb work day over with (and family dinner, homework and the kids to bed) so I can kill more Orks!


Oh yeah, stealth branding is hilarious as you set up a bunch of pins to fall when you finally open up the murdertime.

I kinda want to play this again now. Pretty close to if not 100%'d it the first time though, so that seems silly.


playing a game you finished because it’s actually fun to play isn’t silly in the slightest. quitting a game because you have unlocked everything even if you thoroughly enjoy it is silly though.


Gameplay footage.