Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2


Are you sure? It’s just sent as plain text in the email.


Ugh , so single player game with micro-transaction store… Nice job WB.


Yeah, Im out then - A shame, but then again, the first game has been extremely heavily discounted several times, so I guess I’ll wait till its down in costs. its not like the late year doesn’t have a ton of other games coming out.




I was just thinking the other day that I needed MOAR LOOT BOXES in my life.


I was thinking about preordering this, but now it’s a big “WAIT”. Oh well.


A loot system is one thing, but only a clueless corporate goon would earnestly entitle that article “Introducing the Market,” as if it’s an exciting new product or feature ready for debut.

Holy shit, look at the name of the community specialist.



Well now I know where the $ I foolishly had earmarked for NPR and the ACLU will be going. Thank God for this groundbreaking feature!


Also, the game is online only. A single player game needing to be connected at all times. :D




How’d that work for Sim City.


Welp. I’m out for this game. Shame, really. I liked the first one.


And now I dropped the game to “wait for a deep sale”.

Too bad.


Have they paraded out the list of bullshit justifications for it yet? Reading those was my very favorite part of the SimCity and Diablo 3 launches.


They would never say it, but my guess is people might cheat playing it offline and then there would be no need for the the online cash loot shop.

The thread over on NeoGaf says you can play offline, but apparently lose some features?


Their business model has ended my interest in this franchise.


For fucks sake. I am never preordering a game again.


It’s not online only. Internet is just required to purchase loot boxes.


Do you want to stop preorders forever? Cause a fuckup like this is how you end preorders forever.


A man can dream.