Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2


That was… something.

That’s all I got.


Thank you WB. Thank you for making each new reveal even more repulsive than the last, so that I have zero temptation to buy the game. Not like I’ll be able to play it while I’m out of the country anyhow.


You know, I like crossovers and it’s edited well, but it just doesn’t fit at all. I’m not sure what the hell they’re doing.


When people bitch about how stingy the Tolkien estate can be with their license and how they’re always badmouthing the way the movie deal allowed third-party licensees, you can always point to this as a prime example of why they try to safeguard their property.


At least it’s canon.


I’m already saving up for more loot crates. NOT EVEN JOKING


If life was a cartoon movie, you and I would be arch-enemies!


I can confirm that @wumpus is the WB whale they are catering to.

My super secret scout team infiltrated his home and found this in his freezer… :D


See this kind of inspired bullshit is why not having likes is a terrible decision.




Can someone notify me when they release a video of Orcs twerking?


No, because I will be dead.


I hope not, because after that video, Orcs twerking now feels kind of inevitable.


Okay, I’ve given this game a lot of shit so far, but this is actually nice:

tl;dr - A dev died last year, so Monolith turned him into a bit of DLC. WB Games will donate $3.50 of every Forthog Orc-Slayer purchase to the Forgey family through 31st December 2019.


I’m glad they didn’t turn him into horse armor that you have to get from a loot chest.


Total Biscuit raised some concerns over this, mainly due to the fine print. His video said it was still a positive gesture but most purchases won’t result in donations unfortunately.


After watching this video today (starts like 2 hours in) I think I am going to be unable to keep up to speed with all the action this game has. There is a LOT going on.


So I finally played Shadow of Mordor because everyone raved about it. There is one thing that really bothered me about the game: the gratuitous violence. All the slowmo beheading, it is like ISIS produced a video game. The snapped necks, the blade in the chest. Everything. Peter Jackson’s movies are pretty clean, and then you slap the movie license in a video game, you suddenly have to add maximum gore? WTF?

And now you have T&A on top of the gratuitous violence. golf clap. I only completed the first game because I’m a completionist, so for this sequel count me out, I’ll be going back to Arkham Knight.

btw @Ginger_Yellow, LOVE the thread title. genuine clap


The Extended version of the final Hobbit movie is literally rated R for gore. Fellowship has close-up orc beheadings with geysers of blood pumping out.


Thank goodness for the shortened version of the Hobbit movies then!

I don’t remember Fellowship has blood geysers ala Japanese Samauri movies. It has been a while.