Midnight Club II


Erik gave Mafia a 9 point something on GameSpot, and all the orienteering in that game nearly drove me to smash my freakin’ monitor in.

All I’m saying is, one man’s repeatedly bouncing a basketball off the head of his boss is another man’s inconsequential complaints blown into hyperbole.

He said “good game.”

I dunno, Tom. balut is making some pretty damn good points. This sounds like a case of the “Stuntmans” to me. Stuntman wanted you to perform these crazy stunts all without having any clue what you had to do or where you had to go. There was no walkthrough of the stunt, no explanation showing exactly what you had to accomplish…you know, like a REAL stuntman would have? God Damn It That Was Frustrating!!! When the speed got higher, the trial and error just took longer. It was insanely difficult. The guy that bought the game let me try it out because he was returning it…he couldn’t beat the FIRST STUNT!

When a game is asking you to work to get to the actual game (following a guy to FIND the race!!! WTF?), that’s not right. Then the game throws in a whole lot of trial and error just to figure out which way to go… well, that’s no fun. I really can’t believe the same Tom Chick said this…

…as the guy that I routinely agree with on many a game review. That’s not how you play games. If you can’t figure out what to do and have the potential for accomplishing it THE FIRST TIME, the game is doing something wrong. Sure, you might fail, but you need to have the potential for victory. If figuring out the best route to win that race requres you to cheat (drive 5mph) to win. That’s broken game design.


I’m guessing you haven’t played MC2, Dave? Am I close?

As for this:

You may not have realized it, but we’re talking about a racing game. It’d be a pretty dull racing game if you beat every race THE FIRST TIME. Which is why there aren’t any racing games like that.


FWIW, I’m enjoying the “follow me to the starting point” sections of the game. They’re like little car chases interspersed with the checkpoint and other races. I think they’re fun.

I’m guessing you haven’t played MC2, Dave? Am I close?

You just don’t get it, Chick. We’re not about to let mere ignorance keep us from having an opinion on this game.

Yeah, if Tom and balut would just get out of here the three of us who haven’t played the game could get on with arguing about it. Hey you guys wanna not meet up online later and race?

By “race” do you mean play the game? Then no. I don’t want to bias my discussion of the game by actually playing it.

Hence the ‘not’.

I spent a large chunk of today playing with the PC version of MCII. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I’m having with the online Battle / CTF stuff. It’s a total blast.

It’s the new design aesthetic you see… Having failed to create new game genres to play, they’re just adding static and hyperbole to existing genres in an attempt to confuse you. It’s sort of like how a Cynthia Rothrock movie is just a remake of The Hero’s Quest archetypal plot, ya know?

I for one had a blast last night for a good 7 minutes exploring the Midnight Club II engine. Then I got bored and played something else. Sadly, that was Elite Force 2 - a note for note faithful rendition of Berman and Braga as game developers.

Still, looking at MC2’s pretty engine made me curse those cheapskates at Microsoft for not buying out the rights to GTA or hiring someone to do a decent knockoff.

Coming soon: Tetris Tennis and Sim Pong!

The best racing game I’ve ever played: Initial D - Arcade Stage. If there is an arcade near you, go there now and see if they have this game. The money I spent, good lord.

http://www.myleague.com/mc2duel/ - Midnight Club 2 Duel Ladder

Shameless plug, I know. Just thought I would bring in some elite Quarter to Three members in there to give it a spin (no pun). If it gets popular, I might start a team ladder as well.

Does Midnight Club 2 have a split-screen mode for two people on one PS2? How is it?