Midnight Club LA: best tips for eluding cops?

Hi, all, I’ve been getting back into this game the last couple of days (I love the “open worldiness” and the look of Rockstar’s virtual LA, and with the South Central expansion, the vehicle selection is tops: one of the best arcade racers out there IMHO). I’m just wondering if anyone had discovered any sure-fire, easy ways to get away from the cops, particularly when they’re still on one’s tail at the end of a race.

BTW, my brother was watching me play and he thinks that the voice of the “Doc” character in the South Central expansion is none other than the Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac. Strangely, the character’s name doesn’t appear in the voice credits in the manual (and I’ve got the Complete Edition).

Ha, yeah I got so sick of running from cops often I just stop and pay the fine. The best way to get away I’ve found is to just take a lot of turns to shake em off.

And yeah, MC:LA is a great arcade racer. I spent countless hours playin’ that sucker.