Midnight Club

Needs a 360 update.

Been revisiting the Dub Remix edition on PS2, which is kind of a letdown visually. Textures have tremendous pop-in, the framerate can bog down, and the loading while not bad, isn’t stellar either. No BC support for the Xbox edition either.

The game is tops though, such a great marriage of arcade adrenaline and greasehead customization. Burnout is furious and straightforward, but MC is a little sandbox of pugilistic racing joy. From tweaking every aspect of your ride, to scouring shortcuts and utilizing terrain to advantage in races, and blowing past competition with super powers and nitro abilities.

Why is Rockstar not giving the team a next-gen green light yet?

I really, really liked MC2 (I bought the PC version). Each race offered an interesting layout, several ways of getting to the finishing line, and challenging opponents. Latley I’ve been enjoying Flatout2, which has a great balance between speed, physics, destruction and solid racing, but it lacks the ‘open-endedness’ design of MC to be perfect.

Loved Midnight Club on the XBox. If they make a faithful sequel for the 360 that’ll be a system pusher for me.