Midnight Mangler wants to know if anyone has tried Tartarus

We had to delete the thread for technical reasons, so I’m starting up a new thread!

I don’t know anything about this game, but when it comes to cooks saving ships, no one does it better than serial sexual harasser Steven Seagal!


You can also use the little admin wrench action on the post to change ownership to any person, just FYI. So you don’t need to say “Midnight Mangler needs to…”

I don’t know, maybe changing post ownership runs afoul of the thunderdome rules here, maybe someone has to get a shiv in the eye or something first.

No way I’m giving someone else credit for my hilarious Steven Seagal call out. Comedy gold!


I’ll fax in my appreciation for that at a later time.

Thanks Tom! Apologies for screwing up the original post.