Midnight Son buys an iMac, Bootcamps!

Folks, I decided it was time to get one of the 17" iMacs for work use! (Business Expense, baby!) I set it up and downloaded all the latest Mac updates including the firmware.
Then, I got ahold of Bootcamp, did the disk partitioning, burned the Mac drives to a CD-R and started the installation.
Everything went off without a hitch. I’m now dual booting a clean windows XP installation and OS X! Sweet.

Performance is quite snappy in both OS’s and XP seems especially lively. I’ll be testing some games tomorrow…

Outstanding, looking forward to your observations.

I have my eye on the 17" iMac as well. How much RAM did you get and did you install it yourself?

I went with the basic 512MB of ram. Upgrading the iMac ram is easy as long as you’re careful. There’s a door on the bottom of the unit that comes off with a phillips screwdriver.

Please do yourself a favor and get yourself some additional RAM stat. OS X seems to be especially sensitive to shortages of RAM. (But don’t buy it from Apple.)

And disable the unsupported hardware under XP to avoid BSDs when something tries to link to it :)

So can I just buy 2 Generic PC2-5300 1GB SO-DIMMs ($86.99) from NewEgg and slap them in?

$173.88 vs $300?

Or can I buy one from Apple (get a 1GB stick), for the $100 upgrade, and then buy one from Newegg. Is there a problem with mixing and matching RAM? I’ve done it on a PC before…

I don’t know why mixing and matching RAM would be a problem. I usually punk out and just order from Crucial, but I’ve put off-brand RAM in Apple machines and it has worked just fine. That said, some people report issues with cheaper brands of RAM with Apple machines. (I’ve never quite understood that. I don’t see how an operating system can be more or less sensitive to a bit of hardware that should just work or not work.)

Some observations: I’m having a little trouble with the Mac kbd in XP. It will tend to stop working after a few minutes. Probably a USB issue of some kind… Need to wait for updated drivers, I guess.

Other observations:

OS-X: (Pronounced OS-ten, newbs!) Slicker than greased bat-shit! And much better smelling. :) Seriously, if you spend a few hours with this, you’ll only go to windows for games or legacy applications.

Safari: Apple’s browser is more than good enough. After turning on tabbed browsing and blocking popups, I haven’t felt a need to install Firefox yet.

Yeah, that’s where I am. My old iBook is where I do all of my “real” work, and I just use my PC for games.

Safari is ok, but it handles tabs weird. I can’t seem to get it to reliably open new tabs for everything, like I can in Firefox. And, I can’t function well without my Firefox plug ins.

I have BF2 and BFME2 running on my 20" iMac and both run very well. There are a lot of details I never knew about BFME2 from playing on my Dell. With high details on the iMac at the Uruk Pits I can see the orcs being plucked from the ooze with hooks and put onto a ramp where they slide down to a hut to be equipped. I had no idea there were even animations associated with the buildings.

I’m a big OSX fan so the only thing I plan to use XP for are games. And Paint. I’ve missed Paint a lot for quick photoshoppy type stuff. Apple just doesn’t have anything as easy for putting a donkey’s head on your friend’s body in under 2 minutes.

A couple of things:

If you have a .mac account, turning on syncing for bookmarks, etc… is fantastic. I use mine sometimes at work, when I have something bookmarked in Safari on my home rig, it’s a snap to pull up my bookmarks (synced hourly) from .Mac.

Imagewell - http://www.xtralean.com/IWOverview.html - has some basic image editing functions, but it’s most useful for scaling and cropping images that you’ve dragged over from iPhoto and shooting them to your .mac “public” folder for stuff like linking the images to forum posts. With .mac (and presumably ftp, though I haven’t tried it), it’ll even copy the correct URL to your clipboard, so you can paste it into a forum post effortlessly.

For a bit more advanced stuff that MS Paint, but less than Photoshop, I’d recommend Seashore http://seashore.sourceforge.net/ . It’s fantastic, and free (Gimp based) and does not require Apples X11 implementation. I really can’t brag on this little app enough. It is early in the apps development, and it does crash sometimes, so backup your work often.


Oops - this is the link for you Intel Mac owners:

Thanks! I’ll check those out.

I’ve been using Easycrop - EasyCrop for Mac OS X - Crop, Resize, Rotate, Screen Capture - for resizing/cropping and Livequartz - http://www.rhapsoft.com/ - for editing. LiveQuartz has been particularly useful (and powerful in a simple way), but it isn’t as quick and clean as Paint.

The number one program I recommend to Mac users is Snapzpro X - http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/snapzprox/ - for screen shots and movies (think FRAPs). Sadly they aren’t universal yet, but I ordered it before they bothered to tell anyone. The only thing I’m missing is audio with movies, but hopefully they’ll fix that soon. They may also add exporting to Flash, which would be sweet.

What a highly informative thread. I’ll let one half of my IM list know about
Seashore, and the other will be informed about the properties of batshit.

So, I freed up some disk space on the OS-X partition by sending Quicken, MS Office Trial and iWork to the trash can. (Which I then emptied.) Couple of gigs free right there.

I then used Monolingual to remove all the foreign language files I’m never gonna use… another 2 Gigs freed up.

Performance isn’t bad at all with the standard 512mb or ram, but I’m going to at least double that so I can have more stuff open at once…

Booted into XP and disabled all the unsupported devices. Keyboard kept on working so maybe that glitch is done with.

I’ve been underneath the Congress bridge in Austin, and I’ve smelled it.

Batshit smells bad.

Added 200 songs to iTunes, found out the tags were borked on the original files so I had to fix them all. (Not Apples fault.) Used the remote to play mp3’s from across the room… very cool.

Imported some photos to mess with, and ran the slide show with the remote. Smooth.

Waiting for native version of Openoffice. Still haven’t played a game in XP yet, since I’ve been having too much fun exploring OSX. I recommend the following book:

Switching to the Mac - The Missing Manual. Excellent.

The Music ID addition to the Gracenote database is actually pretty good - the only free music program that uses it (that I know of) is Yahoo Music Player, but if you have 200+ tunes with fubared tags, it’s worth installing.
Simply select all and let the Database listen to them and give you the tags - works with most music in the english language (and a lot of local stuff… even Danish).

Been learning OSX some more - still haven’t messed with XP other than running Autopatcher on it. No games yet, sorry.

Installed the free program iBackup and backed up system settings, address book, etc to USB drive. Very useful.

My much better looking half has been using iCal for work and printing them out. She’s very pleased. So far, she hasn’t felt the need to go back to XP for anything.

Another shout-out to Onyx. It’s a Mac version of Crap Cleaner, basically. You can do routine unix maintenance, clean out caches, internet history and much more.

One little annoyance: I’d like some packet-writing software for CD-RWs. So far, OSX burns only entire disks at once. Any ideas?