Midnight Son has a good word to say about PC games

I’m really enjoying my current modded random map game of Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic!

– Mr. Positive

Come crawling back, did you?

I never left. Old Skool, baby! Only PC games I have installed right now are:
Space Empires IV Gold, Wizardry 8, AOW:SM and Sacred. I’m thinking about installing the copy of UT 2004 that I snagged for 10 bucks.

Mmm… Wizardry 8. So frustrating, but so satisfying. I may have to start playing that again.

There are mods for AOW: SM? I never finished that game… I really should.

Go here: http://aow2.heavengames.com/ and click on Download Central. My current favorite is Brave New World. 115MB with lots of new unit graphics…