Miers with a premature pullout

Jeez, I wanted to see her made to seem inept in front of an entire nation of onlookers while hearing endless comparisons to how well-suited and polished Roberts was and is.

so much for the “Harriet Miers, Come on Down” thread …

Tyler, you fail at linkage, but you did scoop this before Brian “AP Wire” Rucker.


Damn, I was really hoping the Republicans would hold their noses and she’d end up as another Souter.

Now everything is set up to get a real doctrinaire strict constructionist on the bench–which would (for intellectual consistency) imply overturning not just Rowe, but Griswold, Miranda, Brown and many more.

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Still, this is an interesting development. I think the release of her open-minded speech about self-determination finally sent the last few far righters off the deep end. And Krauthammer’s column suggesting that Bush make her withdrawl look like it was a consequence of the Senate demanding administration documents seems to have had some effect.

Next up? It’s a no win. If Bush thought he could have gotten away with a Bork II he’d never have nominated Miers in the first place. And if he nominates anything less than either a Bork II, to please the riled movement conservative intellectuals, or another Roberts, with credentials so solid (and a legal view ambigious enough) to please or at least cow both sides of the aisle, then they’ll just work themselves up into a lather again. My guess is that the next nominee will be more Roberts than Bork. He seems to have figured out that picking highly qualified but relatively non-partisan folks works - he did just that with Greenspan’s replacement from all accounts. Smart money is he’ll try to do that again. There’s too much other trouble out there for him to really go nuts with a winger nominee.

Here’s to a strike against cronyism. Rumormill around the building is that she never would have been accepted by her colleagues anyway. She would have been a pariah and a laughingstock. Internal news blurb was not super kind towards her.

Roberts, on the other hand, as much as people thought the justices (especially Thomas and Scalia) would be bitter and a bit hurt by being passed over, seems to be getting along great.

I bet the friendship braclets he brought the first day helped.

Well that was predictable. So who was she the stalking horse for?

Too bad, I thought harriet Mieieieiers would inspire a Martin Laurence comdey where an unqualified streetwise comedian is accidentally nominated to the Supreme Court ala, “The Pope must Die(t).” Witness the hijinx that ensue as Harry Meiers first mocks the elderly court and shirks his duties, making his clerks do all the work(wink wink), then comes to respect and understand them, eventually helping to author an important opinion on a social justice issue that he himself confronted earlier in the film. Also, he gets the sexy Librarian at the Library of Congress who at first doubted his sincerity, but then taught him all about the switch in time that saved nine.

Tune in next Week for:
Loose Constructionalist
Roe vs. Paid

*Ya know, I’d kinda wanna see that.

King Ralph was better.

Well, Reid was one of the people who suggested her to Bush…

Harry Reid is a genius. In one fell swoop, he gave Bush a piece of poisoned bait who not only highlighted the cronyism of the white house, but, in her summary execution, exploded the republican “the president’s candidate deserves and up or down vote” talking point.

I like Harry Reid, okay? But he is not a genius and he did not plan this. This is the political equivalent of inspector Clouseau spilling tea in the villain’s lap, then stumbling about comically before accidentally nudging him out a third-story window.

I’m not water carrier for the generally lame pols in the current democratic party, believe you me…but after watching Daschle stumble around for so many years, you have to wonder if it’s not Reid behind making social security reform, schiavo, the nuclear option and miers blow up in the GOPs face, do you just chalk it up to luck?

What I truly love about this announcement is the face-saving excuse for the withdrawal - that the Senate would continue to press for documents and information regarding her White House counsel. Yeah, that’s it. Not “doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell and will look like even more of a boot-licking moron in front of a whole nation”.

Given the a) emphasis on secrecy that this administration has and b) bush’s utter obstinacy in the face of public opinion over his other bonehead decisions, it wouldn’t surprise me if this really was the reason.

It’s George Allen time.

The timing of this leads one to wonder if they are trying to knock the Rove/Libby indictment issues off the front page. Maybe dubya will appoint someone just shy of a fascist and then let that take the headlines. Smoke and mirrors…pay attention to the hand you dont see.

I think any attempt to make her nomination a strategic move, a stalking horse, is giving too much credit to Bush. This was just a dumb move. I actually would have liked to have heard her - I’ve never heard a complete sentence from her, just quotes. From what I’ve read, she’s actually a pretty bright person, and a pretty “good” person. Which makes it even worse that Bush put her in this untenable position.

Yup. I don’t know if the “nuclear option” really blew up in anybody’s face, but the other three were due to an internal split in the GOP. Reid knew enough to stay clear while his enemies turned on each other, but I consider that to be competence, not brilliance.