Might & Magic: Chess Royale

My only solace is that this launched in January, and I don’t think anyone here even mentioned it.


Jon Van Caneghem is rolling in his grave.

I don’t think I have to ask what this is. No pressing play. See you!

You might want to modify the title to note that in America, it was released as Quartermight & Magic with Chess, so it’s easier for us yanks to search.

Pretty sure this is incorrect and no M&M games have been released since HOMM V and Clash of Heroes. You must be mistaken.

I’ve been playing this… I like it alot more than the other autoplay games. Its stripped down a bit, and I already know most of the units from HoMM so it makes me get the synergies better. Also faster than the other autobattlers. Worth a try.

It was released in Australia as “Fuck You, Might & Magic Fans”