Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (DS)


I may pick it up. Loved it on DS and would happily play it again.


I didnt play the DS version but got the Xbox iteration a few days ago…I have put in like 15 hours and I love it. I am on the 3rd map in the campaign, my only complaint at this point is that I wish you could speed up the battle animations/pace. Also the load times seem unnecessarily frequent/long for what it is.


My girlfriend is completely addicted to this game. Can you guys recommend any others that are similar or have similar characteristics?
Thanks! :)


Puzzle Quest. The first one.


Is there a way to delete save game files on the Steam version?


I am playing this on the PC and it is awesome.


So what are the load times like on PC? I enjoyed the game on xbox but the frequent slooooow level loads ultimately killed it for me. If the PC version has fixed that I might pick this up in the Steam Christmas sale.


My wife and I play it on two different machines, my a high end gaming rig, hers a six year old XP machine that was a middle tier gaming rig about the time I built it. So far it seems to work just fine for both of us.

And yes, it is a ton of fun. Unless I’m missing something though, the documentation is crap. The basics are explained, but there are specific details I’d like to get answers for without googling everything, and there are painfully few numbers available to figure out the precise benefit/detriment of something in the moment.


The XBLA version added a button you could hit to display some info on the screen (Strength of walls, strength of idle units); I’m not sure if that’s in the PC version. That helps a lot, but still there’s the odd situation where you’re not 100% sure what’s going to happen without trying it first.


Yea, it’s in the PC version, but one example of what I mean is the Unicorn bonus for adjacent tiles. The game doesn’t explicitly tell you what the bonus is, and looking at the grid you’re talking about doesn’t reflect it either. It’s obviously a very substantial bonus, but the closest I’ve come to figuring it out is estimating that the bonus is equivalent of the Unicorns attack at any moment.

It’s also “missing” counters for dragon barf and the like, though stuff like that that isn’t as important to me as simply getting hard stat numbers.


Any news on this for the iPad?


King has a game called Legend of Solgard using the mechanics fron M&M in soft launch on android. They have a second game using a few of the mechanics, called Stellar: Galaxy Commander in soft launch on iOS and android.


F2p garbage, I assume?


Haven’t played them, but there are plenty of f2p games that aren’t garbage. Having a game with these mechanics is worth putting up with a bit of that.


F2P games are guilty until proven innocent in my book, and anything from King doubly so. There are exceptions out there, and if someone vouches for the business model being non abusive I’ll give it a shot. But absent that, my expectation would be a couple hours of brain dead easy tutorial stuff, maybe a short stretch of actual well balanced and fun levels, and then increasing ratchet pressure to make the game more and more annoying and miserable until you start dumping money in or quit. I’d love a continuation of Clash of Heroes mechanics, but not enough to make that worth it.


Could very well be. But even in that scenario, I’d be happy if I got a few hours of fun out of it.

An interesting trend I’ve seen in f2p lately is to make the game relatively friendly for free players and squeeze the crap out of whales. No idea if King is doing this, mind you. The new Fate Grand Order is a perfect example. Perfectly playable as a free player. If you want to spend to win, you will pay through the nose for it. Seriously, a single gacha pull will run you about 24 bucks. That’s insane. But the game is structured so free players can do quite well for themselves.


So, Legends of Solgard is released worldwide and has eaten the last 4hours of my life. It’s full of energy timers and other free to play shenanigans, but so far, it’s a damned fine clone of Clash of Heroes, with a few new wrinkles mixed in for good measure.


Thanks for the tip! I was overzealous in dismissing it right away, as it’s pretty well done. I still wish I lived in a universe where a single-purchase version of this could exist, though.


Absolutely agree with you. It is pretty good, however.