Mighty Unveils $30/month Streaming Web Browser


Ummm… try closing some tabs, or spend $360/year on a browser?

Each browser instance is powered by “16 vCPUs” running on dual Intel Xeon processors that clock up to 4GHz, Nvidia GPUs, and 16GB of RAM. This cloud implementation is said to let you load anywhere from “50+” to “hundreds of tabs without it stalling, freezing, and slowing down your computer,” while also speeding up renders for graphics-intensive workloads, like Figma.

Someone hit the right combination of keywords to soak the capital markets which are stunningly well tuned by the invisible hand of the market to allocate resources where they are most useful to everyone.

So on your browser you stream interactive video of a browser?

And if that gets too slow, can you have each tab of your virtual browser be a streaming session of a virtual browser?

The baseline internet speed mentioned on the launch post today is 100Mbps. For comparison, Stadia in 4K requires 35Mbps or greater.


I would definitely rather spend that money on more computer.

This feels like it’s 28 days late.

Who on earth is the market for this?

Although…imagine running a couple of hundred idle/clicker games at once!

That’s gonna make for some blazing fast JS crypto miners.

It’s browsers, all the way down.

I would also have accepted “Yo dawg, I heard you like browsers…”

Why browse when you can browse a browser that lets you browse more browsers?

If this can integrate with my Jjuicero, I’ll be all in.

Watching the Tech Bros go all Tech Bro over this is quite something.

Can we call his paintings visually stunning?

For what Mighty costs, you can buy a new computer every three years. And you have a new computer with a much faster processor and much more memory.

It’s also pretty hilarious that they think/claim this is a mass market product . There may well be an enterprise/academia niche for this sort of thing, I don’t know, in that they’re basically pitching it as a remote VM. But the idea that the mainstream browser market, which since its very beginning has been driven by “free and pre-installed wins”, is going to adopt a $30 subscription in any meaningful volume is absolutely insane. It won’t adopt a $1 subscription unless they somehow persuade Apple to make it mandatory on iDevices.

Oh, yeah, and your every keystroke, credit card number, and browsing history gets uploaded to cloud in real-time!

Okay, you win the Intarwebs for the day.

The only thing wrong with this is the price point. There are plenty of competing services already, all offering it for less. I know their uniqueness is the specs but that is surely a niche of a niche.

Didn’t the Opera browser do this for its mobile browser a few years back, so you’d get a decent experience on underpowered phones? Opera was definitely not charging $30 a month.

This is such a dumb idea that it feels like this Paul Graham guy has some other motive or incentive to suggest that it’s not dumb.