Mike Singletons Midwinter remake!

So, according to RPS, Mike Singletons Midwinter game is about to be redone by his friend Chris Wild, who has re-released Lords of Midnight (And done a wonderful job of it).

This is with permission from Mike Singletons family. Not much to go on yet, but I know a lot of you guys liked the game a lot.

Since I also know a lot of you guys work in the games business, I thought I’d also drop the note that Chris is also looking to put together a team for the remake, so…Perhaps there’s a chance for anyone who doesn’t have anything other pressing to do?

The idea is to start working on this project in the background to try and bring together the idea of what we want to do with the game. This is going to be large scale development, and the initial core team will be on the project for a least 12 months and anywhere up to 2 years. That’s a budget of at least 300k. Now, unless I’m very lucky and someone out there has a spare 300k or so that they want to throw my way, getting a budget together isn’t going to be easy, nor quick. So I need to find some people who would be interested in joining the team long term, but in the short term would join the team, like the rest of us, as part timers.