Mildew: how does it do that?

There was this black spot on my bathroom ceiling. Actually, a bunch of them. I got the Tilex out from under the sink, and sprayed the spots once from about a foot and a half away. Five minutes later, the spots were gone. Gone! Not just smaller, but gone! Where does the mildew go? Does it just curl up and die? Does it discolor, thereby rendering it invisible and dead, but not gone? Can it just disappear like that, leaving no trace? Help me, QT3 – this happened over a week ago and I’m still scared to go in the bathroom for fear of the invisible dead mildew monster!

That just means it’s all in your lungs now. So don’t be scared to go in the bathroom.

That’s a hell of a long time to hold it. Also, take a shower for the love of all that’s holy.



I am home in two weeks. Don’t bathe.


When an exorcists banishes a demon from a young girl’s soul, do we then ask “well, what happened to the demon?” No, we don’t ask, we just congratulate the girl and life moves on.

Mildew is nature’s way of flicking boogers at your bathroom walls.

My high school dorm’s bathroom showers had mildew all over. On the walls, on the ceiling, everywhere. Occasionally one of the maintenance guys would clean most of it off, but it just came back. There was also exposed wiring above the toilet stalls. Not the most modern and well maintained of facilities.

There are two people at my company that wreak of mildew. One is really really bad. If they don’t rectify it soon I might actually have to complain to HR, it’s ridiculous.

A person smelling like mildew every day? That’s pretty disgusting. Is it on his/her clothing or something?


Seriously, though, guys – you are so insensitive – dead mildew can’t just disappear. Where does it go?

Dissolved by the chemicals, and then either wiped or evaporated away with the rest of the liquid. So, yeah, it’s in your lungs now.

You think I stayed in the bathroom while the bleach did its thing? I ran the hell out of there. And came back to check on its imminent death.

That’s when it got in you. Now it’s just waiting for you to breathe in the shower to come back. I suggest you shower without breathing!

Oh noes! Will I give birth to cups???

Oh that is just cruel. You could talk to them first instead of taking a passive aggressive approach about it.


Tilex (and any antifungal cleaning agent) is formulated to denature and dissolve the proteinaceous cellular matrix, or mycelium, of the mildew (which is mold). Now, see, the dark coloration of the mold is broken and dried up as the cells rupture (cells are just microscopic bags of water with ions and other little bits in them), so the overall dark coloration seems to disappear. Be advised that surviving bits of the mold will probably live on, albeit dormant, in the micropores of your tile’s grout and sealant - which is why it always forms there.

You’re unlikely to be exposed to mycotoxins (at least in any significant concentrations) after spraying it down, if for no other reason than the wet cleansing spray will prohibit the aerosolized spores from getting very far.

i actually found that interesting.

Mildew is a sign of infestation from the Warp.

The Holy Emperor demands that you report for cleansing.