Military Tracks Speeding Bullets Back to Source

No more headshots from nasty terrorists:

“There are commercial systems that have been deployed there [in Iraq] that are able to alert soldiers to where incoming bullets are coming from,” noted Maher. Many of those systems, which are mounted on buildings or vehicles occupied by soldiers, try to pinpoint snipers by detecting both the shockwave of the bullet’s passage and the sound of the gunshot.

Wonder if this will work in CounterStrike.

Good stuff, unless you’re the first guy they shoot at of course.

War does wonders for technology, this, operational microwave weapons, and I noticed an article about research on vomit rays in The Register. What I always thought would be science fiction is now within my lifetime.

Anyone else think of the reverse-trajectory-extrapolation targeting scene from Predator? Of course, this would be more fun if it were set to auto-fire back at the source.

I thought of KAT from Spycraft, actually.

I’m sure colonizing the world is just one invention away.