Militia groups to aid in defense of illegal trailer park

Viva La Redneck Revolution!

I like the attitude of the neighbor:

[i]If things proceed toward showdown Thursday, Hellstrom said she is making plans of her own.

“We’re having a kegger. You might as well enjoy the show.”


Yay for Michigan!

Damn the ZOG!

Who knew the UN was in charge of zoning?

Ah think it’s all them furriners flyin’ around in the black heli-capeters! :)

It’s funny how much Michigan’s kooks sound like qt3’s.

Aren’t all of Qt3’s kooks FROM Michigan?

Present and accounted for, Sir!

Ah suspeck the ZOG has put something in the water up there in Michigan!

It’s all part of Bush’s plan to fill the great lakes with so much poison that no one will be around to care if they drill for oil and kill all the endangered zebra mussles.

It’s funny that the law is a township law. I mean is there any smaller governmental entity than a township? Surely he could have rustled up some of the boys to present themselves at a town meeting and bring forward their case. Wow.

He lives in on a rural 4 acre piece of land. About the only service he gets from the township is some gravel once or twice a year to re-grade the road that passes next to his property. Township boards are a bastion of corruption, scandal, back scratching, and back door dealing. A perfect microcosm of the countriy’s greater political sphere

Hey, is there any beer left in the keg ?!?

C’mon, man, be honest. We don’t need no more steenking trailer parks!

Michiganian reporting as ordered, sir!

Well, that makes 3 who’ve posted in this thread. Are you a nutcase, Lokust? We’re trying to get to the root of the “Michigan/Psycho” theory we’re working on.

The line must be drawn here! Between the rusted out pinto and the broken down shack full of old farm equipment!

If it’s any consolation I just moved here within the last two years - I’m originally from Nebraska. Home of the most phallic capital building in the world.

We call it the penis of the plains

well you should feel right at home here in Michigan; where we have a governor with a dick and no balls, and guys who live in trailers with balls and no brains.