Millennia: Paradox announces yet another Civ contender

Nothing will ever quiet that! :)

2nd patch is now on the beta fork. Lots of balance changes listed in dev diary.
And they Reduced the number of Monuments needed to trigger Age of Monuments from 3 to 2, so now I may finally be able to trigger it. :)

Ooo, exciting:

Added Canada as a new default Nation (default Personality is Cooperative and default Starting Bonus is Scout Unit).

From the finalized Update 2 patch notes.

Anyone still playing? Update 3 landed today with a big list of changes.

In a cloud game with @Mysterio currently. Every time I load up to play my turn I think about doing another single player game. Just been busy playing other things. dotAGE is a bit addictive.

More “yet to play” for me! I’m in, liked what I see, but thought things could probably use a little more work. So have just been waiting to see how things shake out. Thanks for posting the update link!

@abrandt, how does the MP work? I think when I looked initially at launch it was hotseat only or something? Do they have simultaneous turns implemented, or is it “classic” turn format?

Looks like another solid update. I’ve been playing a couple other games, but I will soon return to Millennia for more 4X fun.

MP has been a work in progress. We had to delay even starting a game until update 2 because it demanded too much old school fiddling with firewall and router port forwarding. Update 2 added the ability to do Steam friend invites and was a very smooth startup. It is just classic turns, no simultaneous turns. I think they’re still wanting to do simultaneous but it’s not on the current roadmap, so who knows. Regardless, we haven’t had any issues yet, I don’t think. Although, we’re still in the first age.

New beta build up! Challenge mode, game speed settings, balancing, bug fixes.

I find it very funny that a new nation they added is called “South Korea”.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Just like Paradox to only sell half a country to hold out content for later DLCs.