Mind and Body

What is the relationship between the mind and body?

oh god why

Paging Dr. DeepT!

I have no goddamn idea. Sometimes I think it’s one of the possibilities, sometimes I think it’s another.

Different cuts of meat.

Wow… you can post replies before the poll is even up? Wow.

I was reading last night a wee bit about how common Eastern philosophies associate many concepts that the West associates with the mind, they associate with the whole body – e.g. emotions, attitudes…

I’ve also been thinking about how strongly the Western concept of “mind” is detached from the concept of the body – to the point of seeing them as independent entities. Which seems to cause all sorts of mayhem in the public perception of the field of psychology…

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The mind is an emergent behaviour of the body.

This is a trick question, isn’t it?


I’m going with “mind is wholly corporeal” as the simplest explanation that fits known facts.

I like female bodies better than their minds, usually.

That would be good on a T-Shirt. Just a picture of a brain, and then a picture of a shapely lad or lass, underneath one, “Mind,” underneath the other, “body.” Above the two in superscript, “Different Cuts of Meat.”

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The body is just an ugly bag of mostly water providing life support for a largely incorporeal mind.

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"Ethical Calculus?

I voted for the partially corporeal, assuming you definitely differentiate between Mind and Brain.

Your physical form definitely has a shape on who you are and how you develop, but is there any part of you that is not shaped by your physical form? I think there is.

I basically flipflop between partially and wholly corporeal but I’m in a corporeal mood today. So that’s my vote.

Some (including me) would say there’s a third part, Spirit. That mind and body are totall physical, Spirit is the eternal, immortal, part of us, and that all 3 are woven together.
I like to think of Spirit this way:
You know how scientists say that there are more than 4 dimensions? More like 11+? The spirit is the part of us that touches on/exists those dimensions.