Mind – Path To Thalamus : beautiful vistas, puzzles, and pretentiousness

Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsvME_tN-Cw

First impressions
-Wow this game is beautiful!! You have to watch it.
-Wow this game is really pretentious! A mix of guilt trip, philosophical inane ramblings and cheesy “deep” lines.
-Puzzles aren’t bad, they scale up smoothly and they seem to be easy generally speaking, it isn’t a “hardcore” puzzle game

The game is lacking in options, I have to edit an .ini to have inverted mouse and you can’t change the volume / sound mixing.

Saying the writing is pretentious is giving it too much credit.

The writing is just downright fucking awful. It’s a damn shame as the rest of the game is really quite good.

Pretty sure Sophia is in the barn.

Pretentiousness is showing a taint of mental seamen, after mental masturbation, in public, for a forced public.
Life is a madman running on a house getting rekt by a earthquake, while eating chinese fortune cookies for answers.
PhiloSophia is a cat not interested in the answer, but new querys. All the answers form a hard to swallon (and disgusting) ball of light.

The video make it look like a myst game, but in real time. Maybe is a new genre, Real-Time Myst Game (RTMG).

You fascinate me.

Finished. I had to check youtube to solve 1/4 of the second to last puzzle.

Yep, writing was awful. I still recommend it just for the woaah vistas (dev should make a VR version) and the enjoyable if not mindblowing puzzles.

Today they patched out almost all the dialog. And, as an added treat, they posted a statement from the writer.

It seems in the beginning like he’s admitting that he has absolutely no talent and is apologizing for putting us through his masturbatory ramblings… but then in the end he’s promising to write an even better script that they will patch in later. He even says the fucking awful voice actor they used is “excited” to voice act this amazing new script.


Very sad little apologia.

What the Fudgelstiltskin, this game is awesome!