Mindhunter - Netflix, FBI, serial killer profiling


Just finished the first season. I don’t know why it hooked me exactly bit it did. I thought the scandal in the latter episodes was pretty well done.

Prooooobably not good idea to go talk to a dangerous serial killer while drunk.


Not to derail, just curious why guilty about LPotL?


They’re always over the top, but occasionally Henry takes it a little too far…and I find myself laughing and then hating myself for laughing anyway.

I will say this about LPotL: they do fantastic research. There’s another podcast out there that covers similar ground, called Thinking Sideways, and it bills itself as a studious, thinking-person’s approach to this kind of material…and it’s terrible. The research is slap-dash, the hosts are incurious dullards, and the show is just put to shame by a podcast run by three comedians that covers the same material. That’s gotta be embarrassing.


It definitely skirts the boundaries of inappropriate at times but damn it’s funny enough that I’ll allow it. And as you said, the research is on point. It’s probably one of the top podcasts for me as far as a combination of very interesting and very funny.


Watched episodes 2-3 last night and they were quite good.


Liking it so far. The interviews with Kemper are great. Good music selection too.


2 episodes in, loving it!

I expected Silence of the Lambs or something like that, but this is something completely different. Curious people excited by the potential of learning something new. Something about the understated humor just works.

I can see how some might find it slow. I like the slow build-up, and excellent shot scenes. Really good facial reactions by the actors. Reminds me a bit about True Detective, to some extent.

Very pleasantly surprised!


Finished episode 5 and am really enjoying the show so far. The first 20-30 minutes of the pilot are a tough sell because I didn’t really care a lot about ‘generic FBI agent’ and the really artificial/bad dialog with his soon-to-be girlfriend. But after that, it quickly becomes a lot more interesting and then keeps everything in a high note once Bill enters the picture.

I highly appreciate the pacing of everything and that there hasn’t been a single stupid agents-chasing-a-suspect scene so far. It solely relies on dialog at this point, and it works.


Finished the second half of the season. I really like this show, one of my favorites in a long while.


Season 2 confirmed.


Great news!

While we wait, check out this rather surprising VFX reel. I could tell the snowflakes weren’t real when I watched but the rest of it is pretty astonishing. I was definitely giving their location scout too much credit!


This is pretty entertaining, especially as a fan of NBC’s Hannibal. This is kind of an alternate universe take on the same thing, with Holden as Will Graham, Wendy as Alana, and Tench as Jack Crawford. Not an exact match, of course, but close enough to be familiar, and it hits many of the same buttons. There’s no Mads Mikkelsen, obviously. It does take a couple of episodes of road school to get there as well.

The acting (or maybe it’s the writing?) is a little weird and stilted in places, but the period choices (esp. some of the music cues) are great, and the general production value is high enough to make the whole thing just go down easy.

Possibly my favorite thing though, is that every time one of the killers is talking, Holden basically has this face:

only he’s just doing it with tiny eye movements.

I don’t really have much use for the scenes with Holden’s girlfriend. I guess they’re a way to get some inner monologue stuff onto the screen, but I don’t think they particularly justify the character’s existence.

Its not as good as Fargo or Hannibal, but it has the Prestige TV feel and does what it needs to.


So NBC’s Hannibal was really good? I wonder if that’s streaming anywhere?

Yep, it looks like Amazon Prime has it. Hopefully it will come back to Hulu or Netflix at some point.


I think there was something else going on with her character. They make a point about the idea that she was a real sexual awakening for him. Their relationship pulled him way out of his sexually conservative shell. Bear in mind that they engaged in “sodomy” (euphemistically) regularly, which would have been against the law in most of the country at the time. That put him on the scale of “deviant” behavior that was his charter to investigate and prosecute. At a few points, you see him trying to push back on the FBI’s definitions of deviancy.

I don’t think he would have been able to bridge out to some of those killers without that. Nor would he have been able to pull off that astounding conflict scene with the FBI’s ethics investigation close to the end.


It’s amazing. Hannibal is one of my favorite shows.

I’ll admit, by the time I got to the end of season 1, I felt that they were just changing things to change them. But, once season 2 started, I completely fell in love with the show.


So, the strange part here is that this is almost a biography of John Douglas. I say almost, because the book actually is 9for the most part), while the show changes some names and events, etc. But the killers and their conversations are based on the real stuff. When you think about it, it gives an even creepier vibe.

At any rate, we finished the season in three binge sessions this month. Looking forward to next season.

I was really unsure why BTK was the serial killer we saw throughout the season. I mean, he wasn’t caught until much later, when Douglas was out of the FBI. Why pick him or his story if we will never see it conclude?


I’m crawling my way through this show right now and mostly just finishing it out of a sense of commitment, as I’m not entirely sure I like it. . . but I saw your comment, @Rock8man, and needed to state clearly and for the record that Hannibal is the best show evar omg!!!111one


I really liked it and while it does get a bit bogged down in the mid to late episodes, with all of the relationship stuff, it really pays off in the end.


This definitely gets stronger as it goes. If you gave up 1 or 2 episodes in, you shouldn’t have.

Edit: that scene in the finale was as strong as anything in Silence of the Lambs, for me. Haunting. Looking forward to season 2!