Minecraft Dungeons - The Minecraft ARPG

I’ve had similar experiences. Penny Arcade nailed it with today’s strip.

haha, that’s on-point.

I made it to the final stage but think I’m done. I want this game to be something it isn’t and should stop trying to do that. It seems like a game that would be great partnering up but as a single player experience it’s lacking. The great thing about Game Pass is that I was able to give it a shot and find out at least.

I’ve decided that instead of aiming to beat this game, it’s better if we use it as a training tool to teach my kid how to use a controller and play games. As an action RPG, it’s really poor compared to Diablo or Torchlight, but as a family game to play with young kids, it’s great. That said, I wish they had included some kind of player boosting options so that my kid could do more damage or have more health.

God, I love getting a new bow. Switching to a new weapon that’s more powerful, and is so overpowered that it flings enemies offscreen when they get hit. So bloody satisfying.

Agreed! My wife and I both have different named scatter crossbows, mine with unique sound effects, and they are both awesome.

Hers basically shoots off 5 arrows (it has the “More Arrows!” named effect), one of which is always a bomb and sometimes has its arrows splinter off into even more arrows. All that for the cost of one ammo. When she couple it with her soul quiver, you get a gigantic tidal wave flowing in front of her and crushing the mobs, even through walls.

Mine is slightly lower level and not quite as fancy, but it combines a gravity effect (pulls all the mobs around the point of impact together) with a poison cloud. Effective!

My current prized possession is a gigantic claymore with a leech effect. It does a ton of damage, hits fast (I have attack speed enhancers and echo) and heals me with every hit (replicates life on hit from Diablo). Add to this my armour with double thorns (400% damage back to enemy on every hit) and I’m now officially a tank. I stand there and whale on bosses. :)

Gear is fun.

We completed the boss fight on the normal level today.

Quite easy once you know that The protection totem stops both its barrage of attacks and its laser. With 2 players, each totem lasts about 10 seconds and is on a 20 second cool down. Even if one of us died, the other had time to revive them.

Then we went farming on the adventure level and have been finding all kinds of cool goodies. There is an armour piece that makes you look like Batman. I have a scythe of frost with the perfect enchants for a soul build.

And the levels contain a lot more hidden things, which build up to a bigger secret. Like Diablo, there is more to do and discover after beating the story once.

I just beat Adventure difficulty today! It was not exactly difficult, just that you kind of stay behind the power curve in the early parts, and then the last few levels kind of peak at a certain difficulty but you can accumulate gear that makes it much less trouble to work through. I didn’t die once on the last two levels, for instance. But I found all the hidden runes for the, well let’s say hidden level, but now I have to power up more to access it in Apocalyptic difficulty.

I do get the complaint that this is basically Baby’s First Diablo Clone, but I’m not minding it. It’s a fun lark, and sometimes that’s all I want.

Congrats on beating Adventure difficulty.

By the way, I meant to ask. You no doubt noticed that you can travel around the camp more after beating the game. Did you find the hidden black chest?

I’m not sure that I did find that actually. I’ve found lots of chests that pop up with 50 jewels in them, but I don’t remember seeing a black one.

Let me know if you want a clue. I’ll just say it takes a bit of parkour to reach.

Oh hey, I found it! Though I have to credit your asking me, otherwise I doubt it would have occurred to me to poke around over where the chest was. I wonder if there are any other secrets I’ve missed …


I’ve been wondering the same. I noticed one interesting behaviour in that place with all the portraits (beyond touching one of the portraits). But I doubt it points to another secret.

And now I’ve beaten Apocalyptic difficulty! Which, while occasionally tricky, was not as difficult as I figured. They key to all of it is climbing that power level ladder. I took anything that improved my score and gradually got a pretty good set of weapons/armor/skill dealies. In fact, I skipped the last couple levels leading up to the final one just because I was already over-leveled for the boss fight, so I figured heck with it let’s just do it.

So yeah, all in all pretty fun and worth a look especially if you already have Game Pass. I will say, I think I’m pretty done at this point - there’s no continuous loop of fighting, getting better gear, and diving back in. There aren’t any gear sets or anything like that to grind for. And there are only the three difficulty levels, so I guess that’s that then. Until the dlc comes along at least.

I’d been stuck on Redstone Mines for the last two weeks, I always died to the end boss. Well last night, I must have been high enough level to finally beat him! Woohoo, got him on my last life, with a sliver of health remaining.

(I’ve never changed the difficulty, I always go with whatever the game picks for me on the Normal).

Jungle Awakens is out today on all platforms


This also includes new free content for the base game:

  • A free map: Lower Temple
  • A new threat level per difficulty: Unlocks higher-powered gear and additional challenges for the end-game content
  • New gear: Battlestaff and Dual Crossbows, plus two unique versions of each of them

And lots of balance adjustments in the patch:

My wife and I have been playing Dungeons a lot. We’re looking forward to this one.

This game is so much fun. Shame so many people seem to have dismissed it.

Also, annoying that Gamepass only gives you the basic version.

There’s another version?

Hero version, which includes DLC

Not really. It simply means that, like all GP games, it doesn’t include expansions and DLC.

That said, there is a Hero version that’s $10 ISH more expensive than the hammer on its own and acts like a season pass, including all upcoming DLC.