Minecraft Dungeons - The Minecraft ARPG

Ah, I wasn’t sure. There is a Hero Pass upgrade, but didn’t realise it requires owning the base game.

That sounds pretty awesome with a torment quiver. Generally, soul knives are just too slow for us. But that might do it.

We have finally reached the point where we routinely get 3 enchantments on items. Done combinations are awesome.

It is slow. But each swing is a complete combo, so every swing, including the echo, will proc swirling or the forward shockwave.

That’s cool. I’m not at that kind of level yet.


And I just double-checked. Can’t buy the upgrade. Also presume I can’t buy the DLC separately. I mostly duo with @Oscuros and we often have MP issues if I host, which is a bummer because only the host needs to have the DLC. I don’t mind paying for the game, because I’ve certainly had my fun with it, I just think it weird they don’t include everything with gamepass.

Edit: apparently you CAN buy the upgrade or individual dlc packs through the MS store, just not the Xbox app.

Also, the hero edition now shows a discounted price with gamepass.

Awesome. That’s more what I expected. You get the base game for free and can purchase expansions for it.

Personally, I got the discounted Hero edition because it’s nice to get all the DLC and we are certainly getting our money’s worth.

Yeah, I did too.

So, having seen that the first major patch was released, I foolishly went ahead and bought this on Switch. I guess I had falsely assumed that the patch would resolve some of the issues mentioned in reviews, but in fact the reviews are often still too kind IMO.

Things I’m enjoying:

I personally find the art style charming & the artifact & enchantment based power system simple but entertaining. The art style is a matter of preference though & I can see why some find it twee.

Things I’m really not enjoying:

Performance is horrifyingly bad on Switch. Like so bad that it makes you wonder why they green-lit the port at all and then released it in this condition anyways. Frame rates dip into (maybe) the teens or single digits often & this makes it difficult to play in mobs and situations where timing maters. It often matters so it is also often frustrating. I hope this can be improved in future patches but have major doubts that it ever will be.

Pathfinding is truly atrocious. Like the laziest clone of a ‘90s RTS bad.The isometric view and charming artwork often hide obstructions and necessary parts of the map from the player. This makes it difficult to reach some secret objectives and makes it super easy to get your toon completely stuck on hidden parts of the map. This is compounded by the fact that the game blithely allows you to wander into areas that are out of bounds, yet also full of unseen obstructions. Terribad pathfinding makes it nearly impossible to find your way out of these situations. I’ve often killed myself to be reset to somewhere playable.

The boss fights seem hugely unbalanced & it’s not clear that the designers even attempted to align the challenge to the artifact & power level. Sure, there’s a vague indicator of suggested vs actual power level at the start of each run. But some artifact combinations at a given power level can be hugely overpowered and make a given fight easy. Other combinations at the same alleged level can make the same fight impossible. What’s the point of a suggested power level & linked difficulty slider if the suggestion is as often inaccurate to the challenge?


Ideally I’d refund this on the Switch in order to buy & continue on PC instead. But the eShop has no refund policy & I don’t much want to double-dip when the same issues mostly also exist on PC.


I’ve gotten stuck on occasion, sure, but I feel like you are overstating the case here, as last as far as the PC version goes. This game can be really tough, but I’m not sure how the game is at fault if you have lousy artifacts.

Wow that sucks given that Diablo 3 runs at a pretty solid 60 on Switch (worst case drops to 40 occasionally). And this is only targeting 30. :P

I guess that Minecraft engine is mostly being used as-is.

This game has nothing to do with the Minecraft engine. It has similar art assets, that’s all.

Pity about the Switch performance though. On the One X, it’s super smooth and a joy to play.

Oh right, I had assumed it must be using it, else it should run way better given how it looks.

But now I recall Minecraft itself runs on Switch at 1080p/60 so maybe they should have used it. ;)

He he. Possibly. Then the game might also actually allow that crafting thing.:)

Yeah, the performance on the Switch is the pits. Even my 7 year old noticed it, I guess because he watches enough Youtubers playing to know what good, PC performance looks like. I’ve seen this before with ports, and almost inevitably performance improvements get patched in if the game is still being supported. I hope Dungeons is doing well enough on the Switch to justify ongoing support and those future patches.

Bizarrely, the Switch performance is noticeably worse when the console is docked compared to handheld. Basically the opposite of every single other Switch game.

I suspect it’s doing well on the eShop because it’s often listed in the top couple of sellers since release. Do hope it gets post-release performance patching because it IS fun, especially multiplayer.

But WOW performance is SO bad.


My daughter and I play it in the Switch docked and we rarely have any problems. Once in awhile there is slowdown but mostly fine. And we have played 10 plus hours. At least it’s not enough of a problem to make it unplayable or anything near to that. Odd.

It’s definitely not unplayable. I’ve put in enough hours with my kids to attest to that. But we are not particularly sensitive to points where frame rate dives into the sewer and things chug for a few seconds. I know others who would consider anything other than a trivial amount of that unacceptable. Even the animated logo (Microsoft Games Studio’s maybe?) that comes before Mojang’s before the game even loads chugs.

My wife and I are around level 70 now. We aren’t normally very frame rate sensitive. But there are so many mobs on the screen, often including enchanted ones, that, if the frame rate was chugging, I’m sure we would die a lot more than we do now.

I do hope they patch it on the Switch. Because the game keeps cranking more and more mobs, explosions and effects as you level up. I fear it will become harder to enjoy for you 2 as time goes by.

Exactly. I’m only around 10 hours in but feel like I’m seeing this already.