Minecraft Dungeons - The Minecraft ARPG

Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong, not trying to talk folks out of this based on one guy railing on it, and I’ll bow out from here.

But thing is, this doesn’t sound like they made a game in minecraft that takes advantage of the fact it’s, you know, in minecraft. So for me that begs the question why if I was in the mood for a wee bit of button smashing I wouldn’t just go play like the dozen other games better made for the task.

Yeah I mean it’s Minecraft, why wouldn’t it be super kiddie?

I love Minecraft and I love ARPGs so this was an insta-buy for me. Reviews seem to be mixed but I’ll be happy if the engine is decent even if it lacks content on release. I figure it’ll be a massive success regardless and the devs will add more content as they go.

Just to counter that negative review from the site I don’t know, here’s the positive one from RPS, whom I very much respect.

No need unless you just want to. Just offering a counterpoint. Hopefully, Mojang will support this the way they have Minecraft and keep adding content.

I had no idea about this game. My niece and nephew (10 and 9) love Minecraft so this seems like a perfect fit. Only concern is it might be a bit too intense for them. Guess I’ll have to check with their folks before getting it for them

The Verge’s review is also very kind. And a reminder: this is out today! I’ve got it downloaded for play later this afternoon with the kids.

Ars Technica likes it!

This is the toughest part about working from home (ok, second hardest after trying to work and keep the kids busy) - I’ve got a brand new game pre-installed on the Xbox about a dozen feet from me, I just want to drop what I’m doing and get to the dungeon-delving!

I like it quite a bit. Its deceptive because at first it seems there really isnt any kind of depth, but there actually is. Your “class” comes from your equipment, and the choices you make while levelling up, enchanting said equipment.
Its also quite hard at times.

I am curious how much legs it has, though.

I’ve been watching Xisuma (one of the influential Minecraft streamers, started the Hermitcraft series) play it while having supper and it looks plenty fun and very responsive. I like the focus on items to shape the character, rather than a class. and he’s been finding some fun enchantments.

The base game seems fairly simple. But we know what playing Diablo III on Normal is like. So it will indeed be interesting to see what progression is built into the game. It looks too good not to try out though.

Oh, and listening to the background music in the camp, it’s got the perfect Minecraft chill mood.

Diving in on the One X, so that will give me a chance to compare the controller control scheme compared to D3.

I had a blast playing with the kiddo for the past few hours. We died a few times and once on the 3rd map died as a party 3 times so we had to start the map over which was awesome as i was all nervous it was going to be way too easy and basic.

We figured out we needed a bit of tactics for a few of the tougher mobs so it’s not just hack and slash without thinking a bit.

Also, there is mass loot and there is a lot of cool stuff…and the enchantments are fun and interesting.

All in all, we had a great time…so far.

The kid did comment on the relaxing minecraft music!

Interested in this one to possibly play with my daughters. But this review seems a bit misleading!

Should you get caught up in the game’s apparent sales pitch—a dungeon crawler in the shadow of titans like Diablo III and Path of Exile —you’ll arrive at Minecraft Dungeons a little disappointed.

OK great, then why do you mention Diablo twice in the headline & blurb?? It seems like a very positive review but the review itself is setting up its readers for disappointment, based on the review itself.

Bluddshed is also streaming on Twitch.

If you play Diablo III, you might know his endgame builds. He takes his ARPGs seriously. He’s much further in the game and sell seems to be enjoying it.

I’m playing right now. It’s entertaining. I honestly haven’t played Minecraft since it was a brand new thing (the Java client I guess?) but this looks like Minecraft but plays like Diablo. I’m not sure why that is a thing other than Minecraft is popular because so far I haven’t built anything or dug any pits to lava but if you set aside what Minecraft is about to play a Diablo game in that world, it seems like kids especially and families too will find it enjoyable.

Playing on OG Xbox One and the performance seems fine. There are occasional hitches, but overall it’s working ok.


Interestingly Minecraft Dungeons is not share-able via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Windows 10.

Normally you can sign in to the Microsoft Store temporarily with the subscribed account. Download the game then switch back to the player’s Microsoft / Xbox account. However, Minecraft Dungeons throws an error saying the signed in Xbox account is missing a license.

I was hoping for more of a 3rd person minecraft with an emphasis on RPGing dungeons. Pretty sure there are mods for this anyway though. A MC Diablo clone isn’t for me but I hope it does well and they do some interesting things with it in the future.

Anyone know if saves will transfer between XB1 and Windows?

Works well with a controller.

So far okay. A little disappointed that the map objects aren’t as destructible as I thought they might be.

The feet of a Creeper twitching after you pepper it with arrows is my favourite death animation so far.

It pays to open the map and explore the out of the way corners. There are usually coins and chests to pick up there.

I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s a very nice ARPG. I was concerned it would be clunky or unresponsive. But it plays very nicely.

Having added thorns to my armour and fire to my AOE axe, it’s not a good time for mobs that get close to me. :)

Plenty of progression to look forward to as well.

Oh, something worth knowing: don’t worry about spending enchantment points on an item you might not keep. When you salvage it, you get the points back. At least so far I do.

Went back to the Creeper woods while having a power level of 8. I set the difficulty to drop power level loot from levels 6-13…so figured why not run it again and see if I can get some gear a bit better. Only playing new levels with the kid so this was just to get new gear.

Found a dungeon in the woods that I missed earlier and got some new loot, a great unique sword, and leveled up so got some new enhancements…got a new item, forgot the name, that collects souls as you kill enemies and then you can release them at once and they kill enemies around you…good for melee builds.

It’s a nice little fun game.