Minecraft Dungeons - The Minecraft ARPG

Ok new revised Switch opinion. This game sucks. Tried to play co-op with my daughter. I was able to select my character just fine. Trying to pick her character is a ridiculous mess. Doesn’t accept any input other than the L1 bumper. After much annoyance I find out on reddit that the game doesn’t like mixing a non - joycon controller with a joycon. Wtf? I was using the non-joycon and it worked fine but was screwy for her with the joycon. Had to restart using just two joycons instead.

And apparently only the main character gets to sign in. Everyone else is just a guest. Again, wtf?

Maybe I’ll feel better later and I’ve forgotten how much time I wasted trying to get this damn game to work for us.

Is there no way to transfer drops between players? I want to give the good stuff to my 6yo, but I can’t, even though we are playing co-op together. I have had a couple of bits of gear drop for me only that are significantly better than anything that has dropped for him.

Yeah, that was my third annoyance I forgot to mention. There are reserved drops but seems to be no way to share with other players. Why?

If so that is monumentally dumb.

You can’t play with a kid of any age, get an awesome drop and not have them either beg for you to give it to them, or have them get upset or frustrated they didn’t get it. It’s like they don’t know their audience.

Agreed. Right now, it is like playing Diablo Seasons characters. They can play co-op, but they are islands that can never share drop between accounts (you can, however, stash items on your own account and have another Season character of yours pick up loot from the stash. The stash is another thing not yet in Dungeons). That kind of restriction is really not needed in Dungeons.

Drops should be tagged so there isn’t a hoarder issue. But then you should be able to trade.

I can’t see this not being added in a post launch patch though. It’s likely just a matter of time.

Not only that, but vases that on controller you press A to “smash” (same as attack) doesn’t have you actually smash the vase. It just pops out some emeralds and is extremely unsatisfying. It’s so much little things that could have gone a small way here.

The guy in the video who said he couldn’t play a melee focused character was just bad or made no effort, I think. Was watching a streamer playing primarily melee at lvl 34. He had a mercenary armor variant, plus enchants that brought him to 50% dmg resist, life steal on his weapon, and a healing totem (which he was considering replacing, because he didn’t need it much).

Played some co-op with @Oscuros last night. Looking forward to doing that some more.

Finished first campaign run through with the kid. He was mostly melee, I had a range spec…he kicked ass against the final level while I suffered a bit as I kept running out of arrows. I get frustrated with that but also like it as I need to try and conserve the arrows and put a bit more into melee. The kid is all melee and he rocks.

I started later on the new adventure level. First map more mobs so I had to go slower and take my time. 2 sets of those damn bone horse riding archers appeared and some other enchanted badies. It was a lot more interesting with more variety of enemies…got some cool new loot. But, I did experience a lot of slowdown and stuttering for a bit…the worst I’ve seen in abouit 6 hours of playing. Definitely need to patch that out if they can…it was offline so that’s a little concerning.

Still enjoying it a lot though.

Indeed. If you watch Bluddshed stream, he is over level 130 and was playing a melee character just fine. See this video where he is in his 90ies for example: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/633551174

He’s been playing melee pretty consistently throughout.

Anyone else have problems with the high frame rate options in the game? If I set it to 120 or 144hz the game would stutter wildly and ping-pong rapidly between over 100fps and 24fps. Luckily 60fps was smooth.

That end (I assume it’s the end) boss is bullshit with the slow movement speed this game gives you

I’m just shy of reaching the end boss on my first play through, but I’ve seen several movement speed boosting items that I’ve generally ignored. I hope that isn’t a problem! My family is pretty well geared up with ranged weapons, though.

I have armor that increases movement speed but it’s still pretty sluggish. I’ve been focusing more on melee though.

Figured out that if you get the game via Game Pass and want to upgrade to Hero edition you don’t have to spend $29.99 you can just get the $9 hero upgrade.

Also, it’s VERY laggy playing on switch lite. I restarted on Xbox and much prefer that experience over switch.

I’m finding some challenge in the game, though it’s just as likely that’s my familiarizing myself with the games mechanics, weapons and abilities and how they affect my ability to handle mobs. Often the bosses require all the extra lives I have available just to get through, then I have to play cautious escaping back to camp. I’m enjoying that.

It’s great fun played as a duo. My wife had for the enchantments and protection to take down the mobs up close. I’ve got the healing and the rapid fire bow that decimates the back lines.

One thing we really enjoy is that they kept the creepers true to Minecraft. Once you see a bunch of them running at you and sizzling, you better take them down fast or run away. They hurt.

Lots of neat little graphical and audio cues too. This is definitely going to be our game of the weekend.

Tried this on PC with the Xbox Game Pass. Only barely into it, but I really like the look. The ‘World’ of Minecraft is a giant bag of whatever to me. I tinker with MC from time to time on the Switch, but only with various mods and stuff. I’m just not sure the generic world of MC is why the kids today play MC. It’s the building and goofy mods and shiznit. At least that’s how it appears to me. Anyway, the game played smooth and looked really amazing I thought. I’m not a big fan of the original’s super-blocky style, but I think they made MCD more detailed enough while still being blocky to totally work for me. The little village you go thru at the start is cool in a way that evokes playing with action figures in a Lego-ish world.

Pretty impressed actually. Though it makes me want to go buy/play Torchlight 2 on my Switch rather than buy it there. And the Switch is where this game seems to be much more at home that on my PC. But it’s ‘free’ here so I’ll plug away more and see how it goes.

Wow. The Highblock Castle level is no joke. We left it on standard difficulty and the throne room was a mad house. Back for another attempt tonight. I’ve slightly downgraded my weapon to go back to a glaive. Without the range of that weapon, the hordes of guards and imps are murderous.

One thing my wife and I noticed: if a player in your game dies in the middle of a bunch of mobs, running away for a screen or more will generally result in their corpse teleporting to you. Much easier to resurrect them there than on the battlefield.

Yeah, I ran the castle earlier this morning, I got my first ‘game over’ there, it’s just so easy to get swarmed and if you get surrounded in this game that’s pretty much it for you. But I did finally manage to claw through, and now looks like I have to steel myself for the boss. I don’t imagine that will be a walk in the park. Maybe I should try partnering up with someone.