Minecraft! (single player dwarf fortress)


His Twitter feed is a sea of horrors, from QAnon conspiracy crap to raging against women to screaming about how white people are being oppressed. I didn’t really know about this until today myself but holy shit - he got rich and went completely off his nut. Maybe he was always awful, but at least ten years ago he knew enough to keep his mouth shut.


Man, if I were a billionaire, the last thing I would be is an incel. Money can’t buy happiness, but boy can it rent it.


I was guessing he had wasted a lot of money already :)


My kids and I have been enjoying working on our little corner of planet earth on the Minecraft Geographica server.

(The world has evolved quite a bit since then)

Here is the current state of the world:


It’s laggy. There are queues to get on (you can pay a few dollars to support the server, which gives you a rank and shortens them). But the fact that you can claim and build up your own little corner of planet earth and that the game is built to foster diplomacy (or let nations go to war, though with consequences) is pretty cool.

I don’t know that I would recommend trying it on on your own. The queues are very long and it’s much better playing with friends and collaborating on developing a nation. Our you could join an existing one. All in all, it’s a fun experiment.


Has anyone used the Realms service? Does that work with the Windows 7 Java Version - I am seeing contradictory information.


It did the last time I used the service less than a year ago.


single player dwarf fortress my ass


How about Dwarf Fortress in Minecraft


It’s a very strange parenthetical, especially since Dwarf Fortress is already single player. And also Minecraft plays nothing like it.


Minecraft, except with raytracing, actually looks pretty good.


I love how purty/natural everything looks with raytracing.

I can’t wait the 20* years of so we will have to wait to get games with raytracing.

Also yay! for minecraft becoming the host of graphic experiments. I like people with lab coats doing crazy things.

* maybe never


That’s amazing, hoping we eventually get a mod that enables hardware assistance/RTI and not just pure software. Sounds like Minecraft’s reliance on the original OpenGL holds it back significantly here, and I doubt that will get fixed in the java version unfortunately.


I should speak up here. Though we are late to the party, a good friend and I have a server running FTB: Ultimate Reloaded.

If anyone is interested you’re welcome to hop on and play, noting that Ultimate Reloaded is a take on the old Ultimate FTB pack that was immensely popular. As a throwback to that there isn’t much hand holding, but it has quite a bit to do in the way of some gigantic mods of all types, technical, magic, exploration, etc.

PM me if you’d like the details for the server. It’s hosted at Creeperhost and runs pretty solidly low lag for US play.



Well, Geographica has been reset. Don’t we love internet drama?

There has been a spat between the admins, one felt his best course of action after feeling excluded was to delete the whole world (Okayyy?) and since they only had a slightly older backup, they decided to start fresh.

The drama response post:


And the map now, without a single nation:


I am not sure I’m that into the idea of restarting from scratch. But for those who want to grab a spot into a brand new world and are aware of the drama,. it might be fun to jump in.

Right now, the server is only a lobby, with everybody waiting for the real thing to come back up. You can parkour if you want to though…


I’ve played on quite a few minecraft MP servers. This sounds like standard drama to be honest. It’s why I’ve usually ended up pulling my hair out and then setting up my own. That really sucks for the player base though. That’s an investment of time that won’t come back. On any unknown server though I go in knowing a reset is going to happen at some point. That seems to be the one trick every admin pulls out. Fighting? Reset. Bug they can’t solve? Reset. Playerbase changed over time? Reset.


I have a copy of the qt3 creative server somewhere I should load it up again. There was some really cool stuff on there. Ive never played on a server with the same mass of megastructures and just crazy out there stuff as they’ve all been survival games.


I can think of billions of reasons why he does not care what they think.


He should be using some of that money to seek psychiatric help.


Poor Notch can’t catch a break. He wasn’t invited to Minecraft’s 10-year anniversary party because he doesn’t reflect Microsoft’s core values.