Minecraft! (single player dwarf fortress)

Read an article today that even with a top CPU and RTX 2080 this still can chug along at times. Probably just needs some optimization on both ends. It does look gorgeous, though…

Damn that’s cool.

I could see mod packs geared towards playing with light coming out after all this is released.

One of the reviews was talking about reduced draw distance, but you can bump it up in the settings up to 24 chunks. I was still pushing about 60fps with it set to that (using a 2080), dropping into the 40s when underwater which looks great.

So I fired up the Harry Potter mod/world that @vyshka linked above, and holy cow, they went all out. It’s barely even Minecraft anymore, it’s basically a full-fledged RPG.

Only on NVIDIA cards right now

The Bedrock edition of Minecraft - mobile, Win10, modern consoles - has a bunch of educational content free to keep in the marketplace right now.

It’s amazing that it;s all contained in a single map download. Extremely impressed

Yeah! And the map itself is amazing. (Which was definitely a sore point in the LotR mod.)

Seeing ray tracing in Minecraft is right up there for me with the first time walking out of the Vortex Rikers in Unreal or getting off the train in City 17 in Half Life 2. Even my basic box house becomes this incredible mix of light and shadow that I just stand there watching it change from night to day and back again.


Why is it, after all these years, still so difficult to install mods for this game? I generally know what I’m doing and it took me 45 minutes to install a mod on my server and set up my kids so they could play with each other on it. One mod! Not even any dependencies!

Its not difficult at all. I just use a launcher like FTB which comes with tuns of mod packs and it handles it all itself. I have not installed mods from scratch in years. The most I have done is add a mod to an existing mod pack.

I highly recommend Infinity Evolved:

Here is a video on installing it:

What kills me isn’t so much the mod installing, but the fact that so many mod packs take forever to load. No other game I play approaches modpack load times.

Most mod packs have hundreds of mods. You can open up a log window and watch all the work that’s going on during your 5-minute startup sequence.

It’s also when I play a major mod pack I generally don’t quit out of the game entirely but just leave it running in the background on the main menu.

MultiMc is my new go to for installing packs. Find em on curse, download the zip and import. So easy.

Newer versions of minecraft (15 and 16) load significantly faster. The new replacement for Forge, Fabric is crazy fast, but there’s not that many mods for it yet.

The Twitch App has a free Minecraft mod manager, which is pretty good. It saved my children’s lives as I was about to kill them for asking for a new Minecraft mod hourly. With this they could do it on their own - and even make their own modpacks.

Well this is a topic close to my heart, as I wrote the Twitch mod pack stuff. Helping parents deal with kids wanting to install mods was a big part of the idea. One click installation.

I left Twitch last year, and they’re selling CurseForge and all the mod stuff from the Twitch client to Overwolf. I’m consulting on that transition, and you can expect Fabric support soon on that platform.

Had a great time with my son over the weekend:

It’s kyoto.apexmc.co if anyone cares to check it out.