Minecraft the Movie - WB's next big block buster. Get it? Block buster.

Live-action? Uhhh… Sure.

Ah, you beat me. Well I certainly did not see this one coming. My kids however should be thrilled.

I hereby award the title of this thread an 8.7 on the standard 7-9 scale.

I would’ve preferred the Rob McElhenney version that didn’t happen.

This should have starred Patton Oswalt, who voices the male Steve in the Netflix interactive animated series. He makes everything better.

Also in the Minecraft adventure game.

The Netflix animated series is a Netflixization of the adventure game.

Suddenly I am interested in seeing this Minecraft movie.

DiscussingFilm on Twitter: “Matt Berry in talks to star in the live-action ‘MINECRAFT’ movie alongside Jason Momoa. (Source: Deadline) https://t.co/7oDxNbP4ZC” / Twitter

Matt Berry? Jason Momoa? Suddenly my interest level has plummeted! I still blame Matt Berry (maybe unfairly?) for injecting random unfunny bits into IT Crowd on what could have been a classic show otherwise. And I found Aquaman really boring. And maybe I’m unfairly blaming that on Momoa.

Sorry Rock8man, you’ve earned permanent squinty-eyed distrust from me.


divedivedive, this is Clem Fandango, can you hear me? Honestly, this is going so great, but I think there’s just a little loss of energy on that last post. Maybe try one more?

I’d still rather see a Dwarf Fortress movie than a Minecraft movie, but with Berry and Momoa, it might be a glorious mess. Unless Lord and Miller are involved – then this might wind up as a glorious success.

I’ll take it! I always wanted the Fry squinty-eye.

I should probably look up some sort of explainer on why people find that IT Crowd character funny. Not that reading an explanation for a joke is ever good for the joke, but maybe it will help me appreciate other Matt Berry projects that I haven’t seen yet.

I can tell you that personally, it’s not so much that I find him in that role especially funny, though he is pretty great. It’s more that I think Matt Berry is hilarious in pretty much whatever he does, from Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace to Toast of England to What We Do in the Shadows. I’m not going to say that Matt Berry can do no wrong - but I will say that so far, he has done no wrong, and has earned an immediate perking up of the ears if I hear he’s going to be involved in something. Even Minecraft.

As for Jason Momoa, sure, he’s fine. I liked him in Dune.

Well, I haven’t seen that other stuff, but in IT Crowd, it just seemed like when they added him, it added a completely different sensibility that didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the show.

Did this movie just become a must-watch?!

I was going to do the whole “tell me without telling me” regarding What We Do In The Shadows, but let’s just leave it at: you need to watch him in that. He’s glorious. And to be fair and equivalent, I never watched the IT Crowd.