Minecraft's Steve is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate

Minecraft’s Steve is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate That’s blocky default Steve from Minecraft in Nintendo’s Smash Bros. Ultimate. Game director Masahiro Sakurai announced Steve’s addition to the game, along with Alex, zombie, and the enderman. Spooky! All the new Minecraft characters will have special moves like using a pickaxe or stacking blocks to create barriers and to reach higher areas of the game. According to Nintendo, all of the game’s existing levels had to be adjusted to accommodate the new Minecraft moves. The Minecraft additions are part of Smash Bros. Ultimate’s second $30 fighter pass bundle.

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Wow my Smash Brothers and Minecraft-obsessed nephew will probably get a kick out of this… :)

So it costs more to play Minecraft in Smash Bros than it does to buy Minecraft.

Not really… you get six fighters for the price, not one.