Miner Wars

Miner Wars looks pretty amazing. It looks like a single player Eve with a mix of Minecraft (that may be a stretch). Has anyone played any of it?

They just opened the game for pre-order with a 70% discount, and I’m really tempted.

They could have called it exploratory surgery wars and still have been dead on.

I swear they’re using rectum textures.

Maybe I’m biased, but I feel like there’s a distinct disconnect between their lofty ambitions and the plan to release on XBLA. (and PC, yeah, but unless the PC version is entirely separate, the XBLA version will likely have a limiting effect.)

Yeah, I was pretty surprised about the XBLA version.

Rectum textures? I hardly even know them textures!

Asking for such early preorders I think is a bad sign. Nevertheless this is the sort of game that pushes all my fun-buttons, so I’ll preorder once I’m bored of Starcraft and Civ.

Yeah this seems really early. They might be trying to jump on the Minecraft craze of alpha selling with updates, but that’s a bit more of a unique situation now.

If they have a demo eventually and it’s a $20 game, I might be interested.

Ok, so it’s 70% off, which is 13 euro. That means the full release will cost what, 50 euro? The equivalent of about 65-70 US dollars.

And they’re going to charge $65-70 for an XBLA game? I really seriously doubt that is going to happen. Microsoft would never allow it.

So no takers?
I just downloaded the benchmark demo to see if this laptop will run the thing.

Looks really cool if you ask me, going to watch it for a while before I bite though.

Ok, I plunked down the $13 bucks.
It is a pre-alpha. You can fly around and deform the terrain and fight other ships that hide in the asteroids, but that’s it. It’s really pretty and deforming terrain is always fun, but this pre-alpha won’t hold your attention for too long.
I imagine, however, that the game is going to be great. The engine runs really well, the mining is fun and interesting, and the combat is pretty good already.

By 70% discount I think they mean it’s 70% of the final price, or in non-scam terms, a 30% discount.

Otherwise the final price would be, what, around 33 euro? Which is like $200 American.

Hm, interesting. I’ll keep an eye on it but for now minecraft eats enough of my time.

Looks right up my alley. I’ll be getting the beta soon.

keeping an eye on it, but set for games right now, gonna wait

If this is even partially right, I’m all over this.

This could be interesting, if they actually manage to add the features they have mentioned on the website. Hopefully flying around isn’t as tedious as the X series of games.

So far, I’ve found the flying to be pretty fun. In X, you spent most of your time with time compression on. Here, from what I can tell, going from sector to sector (which should be about 100-200 cubed kilometers) can be done manually or via jump ships. It took about 4 minutes for me to move to a new sector from the starting one.
Flying in the asteroids is awesome. It is claustrophobic, and if you launch a missile that explodes too nearby, your windscreen gets totally obscured. I’m almost positive your ship can’t be damaged, or else it would get blown up like your enemies.

What features are you looking forward to? There’s a lot in but not quite working. For me, I can’t wait to actually mine and build bases. The idea of factions isn’t that interesting to me.

That’s good. I could never quite get into the X games because of how long it took to get where you needed to go. Asteroid fields and the cave running they have shown could be lot of fun.

Mostly looking forward to mining,exploring,trading and base building if it’s added. Also being able to leave your ship and explore/pillage ‘Dungeons in Space’. It’s also using tech I like, no shields or lasers.

I don’t have any interest in the MMO stuff.

Apparently, this has been renamed to Miner Wars 2081.

The weekly updates have been pretty good so far. They’ve added randomly generated sandbox maps and a not quite fully featured editor. They’ve turned mining on, too, but you can’t sell ore quite yet.

Regardless, the potential for this game is insanely high, and I get no sense of the game not delivering later.