Mini Metro alpha

I think he just exhausted himself from his anticipation of getting to the side of London he cares deeply about.

I think I’d describe it less as a puzzle game than as a time management game where the main constraints aren’t your attention or your dexterity but your previous choices.

I figured with the return policy I might as well try this out. I did the tutorial and then jumped right to the daily challenge which was pretty enjoyable. It starts off pretty mellow and the franticness slowly starts to ramp up. I think Ginger Yellow hits it on the nose - the main constraint is your previous choices.

Are there any pieces to get other than new lines, trains, carriages, bridges, depots(or maybe interchanges)? I’m not so sure that this is a game that would hold my interest beyond a couple games, but it was lots of fun for that one game. I love leaderboards (got into the top 25%!).

I forgot to see if you can give move lines around and stuff when the game is paused. If you can it may make me like the game a bit more, because I think it would benefit from giving some time to plan a more efficient route instead of just react.

Can’t make changes when the game is paused, I think. I think you’ve seen all the bennies you can earn in a game. There are more hardcore modes to play in (like where you can’t change your routes once you place them–the daily may or may not have been in that mode) but besides that not a lot more to see. It’s a small, elegant game. I’ve played hours of it and still do every day’s challenge.

Also I’ve never gotten close to the top 25%, so somehow you’re kicking my butt already!

I think you can make changes when the game is paused. Did they change this in an update? I play it since last week, until I discovered the pause function. I think I used it to delete some lines and rearange others… so now you can play it very strategic.

One thing I wish the game had was a planning view that showed what type of passengers each location generates. I think it would allow for more strategizing - at least for me because once there are a lot of locations on the map I can’t remember what type of passengers each generates. I feel like I’m just reacting to trouble spots instead of thoughtful planning.

I like this game.

As far as I can tell, stations produce people that go to every other station. I.e. a circle never produces circle people.

I’m not sure about distribution. I know that square stations are most common, triangles second and squares third… but it seems like I get just as many square peeps as circle ones.

I don’t know if that is consistent across locations. There have been some maps where I only got 1 or 2 square stations.

I made a terrible typo there and put square twice :p circle, triangle, square. I only had 1 square last game, and my failure to work with that was my main problem ;)

So, it’s no longer in alpha. I’ve been playing it off and on.

I’m not sure how I feel about unlocking the first few levels so easily. I feel like I didn’t do that well in London, Paris, etc. but I got far enough to play a few minutes, and make a silly mistake, but still unlocked the next level. And then I played the next level, and the next, and the next. I finally got to Seoul and Sao Paulo, and finally played them both and lost. I looked up at the time. Wow! Where did the time go? I’ve been playing for a long time for a few minutes at a time.

I suppose the incentive to play those early levels again is to compete for a high score right?

I don’t think I had a lot of friends on the high score board, but there were some, Hey, it’s always fun to shoot for high scores, right?

Beside the hiscore chase, you also somewhat learn (or maybe you simply get accustomed to the game’s logic) the layout of each levels and the issues they submit, and it felt pretty nice - at least, to me - to revisit them and try new layouts. I think it is a nice toy to play around with.

I enjoyed it on the PC, but had sometimes a bit of control issues. I am contemplating the iOS version: anybody tried it and can comment on the touch controls (especially if you’ve got big fingers and a small screen)?

I was playing for achievements once everything was unlocked and I had decent scores. Of course most of them are incredibly difficult, at least for me.

The daily challenge was fun for awhile as well.

I liked it on Steam, but I really like the iOS version. I have fat fingers, and it plays great–but I’m on an iPad not a phone.

Thank you, a single fat finger endorsement from an enthusiast is what I wanted :)

I tried it, and it is wonderful. The game is really smooth, and for some reason, the controls felt actually much more intuitive to me on the touch screen than on the computer.

I finally got through San Francisco last night. I was so obsessed with that all day yesterday, thinking about it at work, and then trying again and again when I got home.

Don’t forget that when you are playing in normal mode you can pick up trains from one line and put them on another to help out. The same is true for carriages. For some reason it took me a while to figure that out.

It’s impossible to get to 500 in Berlin, isn’t it?

I’ve got 1136 and Pod has even higher so 500 is definitely doable.