Mini Metro alpha

I have used lights and they do make a slight difference I thought. If I have a really busy intersection it seems to clean it up a little, but your probably right, it doesn’t do enough. I usually need roads badly, so don’t take lights very often.

If you haven’t played Mini Motorways since the August 24th patch, I highly recommend that you do.

Key changes:

  • Three-way intersections now slow traffic (apparently them not doing so was a bug, not a design decision). This nerf is partially balanced by a corresponding speed buff to intersections in general, though you’ll now need to put a bit more thought into how you connect houses to your network.
  • Traffic lights…are good! Sure, the aforementioned three-way intersection change made them more appealing, but they now change signals far quicker and are a valid solution to many traffic woes. As a result, every weekly upgrade choice is an interesting decision depending on the map and your current situation.

The game feels a lot less frustrating with more options available for tackling a given problem. It’s almost like the “rules seem clearer”, as evidenced by my 11 year old daughter who can now discuss strategy with me and point out ways we could improve our network.

Thanks for the update, gonna move this up my wishlist.

Thanks for posting. I tried it, and it is indeed much better. Felt like I had more control over what is going on now that it is being more generous with the tools. I still feel like I need to bulldoze everything and start over every 2 minutes, but it was fun.

You didn’t mention roundabouts! Game-changer.

Didn’t realise roundabouts had changed. Currently they seem awesome…just like before! :)

Are you saying they were buffed or nerfed?

They weren’t there at all originally. (This has been out on Apple Arcade for a couple of years now, and they weren’t in the original that I know of. Maybe you had to unlock them at higher end maps?)

Oh wow, okay. I’ve only played it on PC, and wasn’t even aware of its existence on iOS until after the Steam release… :)