Miniature Wargames: My Never-ending Search for the Ultimate Army Men Ruleset

Infamy, Infamy is pretty much entirely scenario based with some clever campaign rules included as well

If anyone is interested, Warlord Games just announced a line of plastic 15mm-ish ACW miniatures. Right now, there is only generic infantry (with supporting cannon), but apparently cavalry and additional artillery will be releasing later. I really like the look of the minis (though I wish they had separate union/confederate sculpts) and have already preordered a starter set. They’re also probably the cheapest way to play this scale of miniature wargame.

I don’t know how I missed this thread, but I’m on board with this sort of thing (as my Little Wars battle report over in the Grognard Wargamer thread might indicate).

Thanks for the original post, cpugeek—it’s given me a few things I might like to dig deeper on.

It is not army men rules, but Larry Bond has come out with yet another edition of Harpoon in the past year it seems.

I picked up the pdf for the just-released Stargrave, the sci-fi follow up to Frostgrave. It looks like very much the same system with some tweaks, from an initial skim. Apparently, official solo/co-op campaigns (the reason I got into Frostgrave) won’t be out until September or so, though they did put out a little free solo system at release to tide the pandemic-stricken world over. I’ll probably toy with a little he-conversion like it did with the original, and a I have a bunch of AT-43 and the more scifi Heroscape minis I can use to play. Should be an entertaining time waster.

My ‘O Group’ rules arrived a little while ago from Reisswitz Press, Batallion scale WWII, they look a really good set focussing on C&C. My Victrix 12mm Germans arrived at the same time, but now I have to wait until they release some Soviet stuff or source it from elsewhere. The Victrix 12mm WWII stuff is really lovely by the way

Did you get to try Infamy, Infamy cpugeek?

No, unfortunately I recently had a bad experience teaching Sharp Practice to my group and have decided to put Infamy Infamy on hold for now. I wrote a blog post about it here.

Will probably use the minis for SPQR for now, might look into Clash of Spears as well.

I haven’t played Sharp Practice but I have a couple of learning games of Infamy, Infamy solo under my belt and I think those criticisms / drawbacks are entirely valid. I’m due to teach someone II next month so I’ll let you know how it goes, what worked and what didn’t!

Anyone here play Age of Sigmar? What do you think of the new 3rd edition news lately? Personally, I am a bit disappointed that GW keeps on pushing command point abilities in their flagship rulesets. I feel like adding more and more strategic abilities is lazy design and de-emphasizes the traditional on-table aspects of the games. I understand that if you play often and can internalize these abilities and learn the synergies for your army, then they are probably very fun. But for casual play, I want to just put some models on a table and roll some dice – I don’t want to five minutes each turn deciding which strategic abilities to use.

Also, don’t know what to think about reactive command abilities either. As much of a pain the down-time can be in wargames, it can also be great for socializing or just relaxing. Also, worried about “take that” mechanics that can arbitrarily throw a wrench in others plans and ruin their experience.

That said, I still think AoS is in a better place overall than 40K. Neither are really great rulesets (were they ever?), but hey, those models are pretty nice though!

Anyone have any other thoughts about AoS 3.0?

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but thought I’d give some quick AoS 3.0 thoughts. The base rules are still pretty good, and the hero-phase actions are not as cumbersome as I thought they’d be. However, the competitive game mode is clunky as hell and really needs some streamlining. Still better than 40k though.

I’m playing a learning game of the new Kill Team this weekend. To be honest, not super excited about the new rules but still want to give it a shot.

Instead, I’m more excited about Deadzone v3, which comes out next month. I haven’t played Deadzone before, but after watching some videos of v2, it seems much better than Kill Team. Kinda wish the models were a little nicer, but you can’t really compare Mantic miniatures with GWs. Anyone play Deadzone?

Sorry to keep reposting in this old thread, but I just needed to express my recent love for Kings of War. It has taken over our wargaming club lately and is probably one of the most enjoyable rulesets I have ever played. It is the streamlined WHFB that Games Workshop should have delivered with Age of Sigmar but didn’t.

Say what you will about Mantic’s miniature lines (though they’ve improved a lot lately), their game rules are very good.

I just started building a Kings of War army (Forces of Nature) and am excited about being able to dip into the world of 3d printed minis to put the army together. Lots of cool treants and elementals out there.

Also, currently painting a GW Spirit of Durthu as Wiltfather (the evil death treant), which has been fun so far.

I want to get my local group and actually play, but pandemic. Looking forward to the decline of Omicron here (or my kid gets old enough to get vaccinated) to push some minis around for this.

If you have Tabletop Simulator, there are some really good modules for KoW on it. They’re really good at teaching people how to play, since you can setup everything ahead of time and load it up when needed. Of course, it’s still not as good as pushing around physical models on a table, but it’s a decent substitute.

I’ll check it out. Let me know if you ever want to beat up on a newbie. I’d prefer to take my lumps from someone here than randos at the game store.

Don’t be–I, at least, enjoy living somewhat vicariously via this stuff. Can you say some more about Kings of War? I’ve never heard of it.

Kings of War is a rank-and-file-style fantasy wargame which is superficially similar to old Warhammer Fantasy but is actually closer to something like Black Powder or Hail Caesar. It uses block formations of units, but there is no fiddly model-removal mechanics and the movement rules are heavily streamlined. Unlike modern Warhammer games were a lot of the strategy is related to list-building and combos, KoW is more about manuevering units efficiently, punching holes in the enemy line with strong units, and then exploiting them to gain powerful flank attacks. It feels more like you are actually using battlefield tactics instead of just countering the other player’s “deck”.

It is super easy to learn and teach, and you only really need to memorize a handful of special ability keywords to play most armies. It is also a relatively quick game, even large games played with many units (like Black Powder). We played an over-sized four-player game on New Year’s day and finished in about 2.5 hours.

Miniwargaming did a nice demo of a KoW game that I highly recommend watching if you’re interested. Their armies are about half the size of a standard 2000pt army.

Heres a quick photo from our New Years game:


Really quick other game I want to say a little about. My wife bought be Deadzone for Christmas and I’ve been playing a lot of that with her lately. It’s a fantastic small-scale sci-fi skirmish game, similar to 40K Kill Team. It is actually even more easy-to-play than KT and doesn’t even require ruler measurement. In fact, I really love how you measure distance in “cubes” (basically grid squares on a board) instead of inches but the actual models position within the square is important for LoS. The models are a mixed bag (toxic space rats - GREAT, generic soldiers — MEH), though I really like Mantic’s official terrain system which is modular and designed to fit in the board grid.

The game also has some clever mechanics that board gamers will appreciate, such as special command dice that you can roll (and reroll) each turn that give you extra actions. Also, exploding d8s!