Minions of Mirth released!

I haven’t tried it out myself yet… but the entire concept looks fantastic.

It was just released today. I have really missed multi-person groups in my rpgs ala Baldur’s Gate and SSI GoldBox D&D games.

Looks strangely familiar…

Please excuse my stupidity… I’m not sure I see the connection. :?:

The wiki is a project by PA’s tycho to create the most generic fantasy setting ever. When I clicked your link, I saw the most generic fantasy setting ever.

At first I thought it was a homegrown might and magic tribute game. I was really excited! So excited! Then I read the site and saw it was actually a MUD selling the client. Now I am sad. So very sad.

Someone should have told them that mirth is actually a word.

Yeh, my first thought was “Those guys don’t look particularly happy.”

Next you’ll be saying Exodus: Ultima III should have been about a mass emigration.

Slarg jingles!! Slarg falls over dead!!! But is he in the desert, the jungle or the wasteland? or maybe the evil city???

It’s one thing to post screenshots involving ill-advised use of /me.

It’s another to actually market one’s game as “Massively Single Player”. I’m not sure I can take that.

I actually don’t think it’s a bad concept. The idea, as I understand it, is that you can roll up localized persistent worlds and then romp around in them solo or with buddies. Kinda like the Freelancer server model of a couple years back.

The label “massively singleplayer” seems a meaningless buzzword taken on its own, but when you take it as a hybrid of the MMO label and the singleplayer CRPG, it is somewhat appropriate.

It may be a cool concept, but when I read the buzzword I was forced to immediately stab myself in both eyes, and then regrow them so I could weep with despair.

I was kind of halfway following this, at least I would click on threads where people who actually were following it would talk about it, but this whole time I thought they were going for a humor Monkey Island meets RPG type thing. I sort of envisioned a version of Progress Quest with actual gameplay to go along with the quest descriptions. Is it actually serious? Yeah, someone needs to tell them Mirth is a word.

What’s this “mirth is a word” stuff? What’s wrong with the title?

So you’d expect a game called “Minions of Mirth” to be funny. Or gay, I guess. So maybe they do know mirth is a word!

Synonyms for “mirth”:

amusement, cheer, cheerfulness, convulsions, entertainment, festivity, frivolity, frolic, fun, gaiety, gladness, glee, grins, happiness, hilarity, hysteria, hysterics, jocularity, jocundity, jollity, joviality, joyousness, kicks, laughs, laughter, levity, lightheartedness, merriment, merrymaking, pleasure, rejoicing, revelry, sport, whoopee

Minions of Whoopee would be great. Especially if Bob Eubanks was doing some voicework.

This game reminds me a lot of EQ for some reason. Is it worth the 25 bucks though?


Has anyone tried this yet? I’m downloading the demo now myself. I stumbled into the fact that lot of the game is programmed in Python, and you actually get the source code for the server when you buy the thing. Might be interesting to try and make your own modifications to the game (if the engine is worth anything).

I mucked around with the demo briefly after canceling my WoW subscription a while back. Seemed okay for a low budget game but I didn’t have the attention span to delve deeper into it. Instead I resubscribed to WoW. :0

Agreed on the mirth thing. I saw the thread title and thought “ooh, sounds like some kind of comedy RPG, what a cool idea!”. Alas.

But wait, what if it is attempted comedy but somehow we’re all missing it? (bug-eyed smiley, winky smiley)