Minor issue with Amazon.com

Last week when we had that DNS problem logging into QT3, I deleted my temp files and cookies from amazon. Since then every time I log onto any page on Amazon.com I keep getting a message to authorized something on Amazon’s site. Any idea what the problem is?

Re-install XP

Could you be more specific than “a message to authorized something on Amazon’s site”? Somebody might be able to figure out your problem from just that, but I can’t think of anything off hand. Also, what browser?

Delete both your Amazon cookies AND your cache. That might solve it.

Sorry about being so vague, I was posting from work and couldn’t look at the problem. I deleted the amazon cookie and that did the trick.

edit: It fixed it for the main page, but when I view my account I’m still getting it, the message is:
this page contains secure and non secure items do you want to display the nonsecure items?

Oh that’s just a browser thing. If there’s no “don’t ask me again” checkbox on it, and you’re using Firefox, check the Security preferences for a warnings section.

I’m on IE 6 right now, would you know where that option is on it?

Um, off topic, but you really need to move off of IE6!!! Firefox FTW! Please for all that is good and holy :)

That option in IE6 is buried under some settings, and looking at it now in IE7 it’s not readily obvious which one it is exactly.

Upgrade to IE7 or FF3 immediately.

WTF are you doing using IE6? Have you no shame?

Get Firefox immediately.

I recommend you delete your amazon bookmark altogether and go visit your local bookstore. They need you alot more than amazon.

My local bookstore can eat a dick!

Amazon + amazon prime is the ultimate in convenience not just for books but for a great many things that I buy. Plus I’ve got an Amazon branded Chase credit card that gives me fantastic rewards on purchases made at Amazon.

Interesting you should say this. A few weeks ago I went to a local Chapters (think Canadian equivalent to Barnes & Noble), looking for a copy of The World Without Us. I checked one of their touchscreen terminals and it said they had 18 copies at the store I was at. It told me what section they were in. Convenient!

There were no copies in that section of the store. I checked endcaps, tables, everywhere in the entire frickin’ store. The book was not to be found. I could not find someone to help me. I left.

I ordered the book with a few others from amazon.ca, paid less, got free shipping and had it five days later delivered to my door.

Screw you, Mister Bookstore, I say!

(Yes, I know Chapters doesn’t really count as a “local” bookstore, but there are none even close to being convenient to where I live.)

Yeah, the last time I went to a Chapters, I had a list of 10 or so books that had been recommended to me by various people, forum threads, etc., and I think I found maybe two of them actually at the store.

The stores are still fun if you’re just browsing for something that might look interesting, but if you want something specific, Amazon it is.

Yep, they are excellent for browsing. I still do that and make the occasional purchase that way.

Really? Except for really odd books my local chapters has everything I’ve ever tried to buy.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences at Chapters. Their prices are the same as Amazon’s and if I have my chapters card they’re cheaper (I did price check on 2 orders each of over $200 and chapters beat them by $20+ each time). If I do need to get a book ordered in it’s there within the week, which was the best Amazon was ever able to do for me even when I tried the 2-3 day delivery - it was the fastest option offered to me.

At long last I’m now on Firefox 3 so you guys can finally rest easy :)

I have one very noobish question about FF, is there a way to bring up outlook through it?

This is where someone tells you to use Thunderbird. :P

The best I could find with a quick search is an addon called Launchy. It doesn’t appear to be a straight “launch Application X from Firefox” thing, though, since it works with links.

be sure to go into firefox’s about:config
and turn on the exportHTML so that launchy can index them

My local bookstore is Barnes and Noble.