Mirror, Mirror, on the Face: The Maurerian Way

I’m looking for some assistance from Qt3 in analyzing a childhood friend of mine.

Everyone acts differently depending on whether they are interacting with family, friends, strangers, etc. and depending on their own status within each social structure. My friend took this to the extreme and added a strange twist to it.

He acted differently in every different individual social environment, even in cases as similar as interactions with two similar friends. The differences were complete, including different tones of voice, body posture, language patterns, styles, and discussion topics covered. Furthermore, these differences reflected (in my estimation) the identity of the social environment he was within. You look at him and you see yourself.

In the early days I called him an Empath. Later I called him a flatterer. Now I’m not so sure what to call him. I’ll give you perhaps some insight: when he was very young (lets say 8-12 years old) he was an entertainer, the classic “life of the party” with a beaming, bright projection and not subject to complete differences in behavior depending on social context. Soon after he took on a much darker tone and began “Project Humanity”. Its not obvious because the mirror he provides is fairly deep… its not a surface reflection. He provides a sort of running commentary on his environment.

In a likely related event, he was subjected to a continual level of psychological and physical abuse from his older sister, well beyond normal sibling rivalry. He credits this for his transformation, although there’s always a fine line between a cause for and an excuse for.

If you wonder about any darkness in myself, consider for a moment the torture of having to bear witness to the success of something as manipulative and intimate as Project Humanity. Everyone likes Scott, you see… he is the ultimate cure for a populace longing to be understood, longing to be clarified, longing to be deep.

I assume Qt3 stands against The Maurerian Way, as I do. What do you recommend as a means of destroying it?

It resembles English, but I’m pretty sure that’s not actually English.

Eventually he will become exhausted with mirroring. He will realize it’s not fulfilling to be merely a mirror; he must fill the volume of his shell with himself. Others cannot fill it. There is a fine line between empathy and destruction, but it is something he must discover for himself. All you can do is make that journey easier for him.


Does he bend the mirror or let himself bend to it? That is the true distinction between someone passively hiding behind a facade and someone using a facade to manipulate others.

“The torture of having to bear witness”? How about you stop hanging around this guy if it’s “torture”, you clown.

As for destroying it, just repeat everything he says, anytime the two of you are together. Eventually, he’ll snap and assualt you and you can have him jailed. There, he’ll go from mirror to receptacle.

“That friend’s name was… me! F.F. Woody Kurtz.”

How do you know he’s not doing the same thing to you?

Oh, right, because he’s either you or imaginary, got it. Because, you know, he would have to be utterly friendless (except for you, which I suppose in theory makes sense) and none of his freinds, family members, co-workers etc. could ever meet. Impossible? No, but unlikely, and anyway it sounds to me like you’re either fabricating this as a “morality play” and thinking yourself clever in doing so, or exaggerating a fairly normal behavior most people exhibit, facililty of temperament and attitude as dictated by social environment. Either way, it isn’t very interesting or unique.

Oh, and I guess you figured enough time has passed from your Nietzsche argument that you bailed out of to let that one slide along withh all the other arguments you bailed out of, after starting, right?

Everyone’s a little bit chameleon.

Project Humanity?


He’s a very, very good “people radio” (I don’t know what else to call it). He’s just ‘tuning’ into their personality so he fits in better. I’m guessing he’s pretty decent and manipulating conversations too right?

Thank you for your… um… assistance in this matter. We’re no longer particularly close, however (at least verbally or physically), so I’m sorry to say I won’t be taking your advice. I’ll set aside the wisdom for later use, whenever the need arises.

I think he uses the mirror to provide depth… it was sort of a running commentary on the person. Very very strange… even for emo culture. I think it was his way of demonstrating his superiority (to himself) and providing an irrational learning tool for the lucky recipient.

The reason noone understands what he’s doing (I only came to understand it years later… at the time I merely recognized at some level that something was wrong) is that his commentary occurs on a deeper level than their self-awareness. Thus people receive him as flattery.

He’s excellent at pushing the right buttons, but he’s never malicious, which is largely why he’s so successful. He doesn’t have some heated agenda where he has to take chances… he just patiently applies a deep mirror, and applies it again, and again…

He’s really the face of a benevolent kind of fascism, really the most dangerous kind of fascism I’ve ever seen, because it really IS smarter than you. And it really does, in its own arrogant condescending but still caring way, want to improve you. And it really DOES improve you, but at what cost. At what horrible cost in terms of honest communication, rationality, clarity, and humanity. And it really truly believes that you need the help.

The kind of garbage stereotypical crap that you see on the screen in V for Vendetta, for example, that stuff is a joke. Shouting, explosions, pseudo-torture, whatever. It allows humans the extreme vanity, the foolish vanity, of thinking they are learning about fascism. Of thinking they now can defend themselves better against it. Fucking idiots.

When a passionate tortured guy turns to you with haunted eyes and says “humans are confused”… that’s what you have to defend yourself against. You have to defend youself against the belief that humans are in a desperate situation that only benevolent oversight can fix, that they need such oversight to guide their lives.

It won’t be as obvious as Hitler II… and it may even be something you don’t realize at the time. Just please don’t take the vain comfort of INVENTING a fascist fantasy and pretending its fascist reality, to gain a sense of CONTROL.

If a dangerous form of fascism really does come your way, you won’t be controlling it. Continue to think about your reality and you’ll be just fine, rocky roads or not.

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